Call Me Old-Fashioned

There has been a trend going on – well, for a while now – in web sites. It started with Flash but has moved into the world of html—itty bitty web pages with ittier-bittier light-grey type. I understand why people want web pages with no scrolling – I do. It looks nice. If done well, it is easier for the site visitor. Of course, it sometimes means that people have to click through to ten different pages to get the info they want because so little fits on each page. Personally, call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to scroll a little. But whatever, that’s all subjective.

Perhaps to compensate for the lack of real estate, or maybe just to look “modern,” the type on these pages has reached the smallest proportions imaginable. I have pretty good eyesight. I do wear reading glasses, but mostly because I spend so much time at the computer that I suffer from eye strain, and it helps to magnify things a little. But I seriously can NOT read the type on some of these VERY high-end web sites. These are sites that obviously cost a pretty penny to develop. Many of them are Flash, which I also have my personal issues with, but that is a subject for another day. But I wonder, why spend all that money for a web site that is impossible to read?

Remember, friends – a visitor to your site will give a page about 3 seconds (literally!) before they decide whether to stay or try somewhere else. The web surfer has a very short attention span. You may get their attention with a snappy design – but you will lose them if they can’t easily read and navigate your site. You want them to read your message and become your customer/client/whatever, and you have at most 3 seconds to convey the most important part of that message. Don’t force them to pull out a magnifying glass to read it.