This One’s for Me!

We all know the mom whose kids dress and eat better than they do. (Ok, that’s me, but I digress.) I’ve known car salesmen who drive junkers, writers who never have the time to read, and chefs who never cook at home. Sometimes that is how I am about my business – I spend so much time creating web sites for other people that my own gets woefully outdated. I had actually been working in web design for 6 or 7 years, and had done 3 web sites as a freelancer, before I even had a web site of my own.

I can thank Kathie Sever of Ramonster for getting me in gear, in more ways than one. She was my very first freelance client, and at the time I was kind of shocked that she would trust someone with basically no portfolio to speak of with her company web site. I really did not have any intention at the time of starting a business – she needed a web site and I needed money – and it worked out all around. She recommended me to Kayci at Moxie and the Compound, Kayci recommended me to Todd at Roadhouse Relics, Todd referred me to Amy at Sweettooth Bags, and lo and behold, I was in business!

But Kathie got tired of answering the “who did your web site” question, and gently prodded me to maybe get a web site of my own and put a link on hers so people would leave her out of it already.

Several years and about 30 web site clients later, I am back where I started. Over the past 6 months I have been creating blogs left and right for my clients. Heck, I even designed blogs for my husband and my 7-year old! But little old me? Nothin’.

So here goes – a wee blog of my very own. I plan to use it to show what my clients are up to, answer some frequently asked questions about web marketing, show off my latest work, and maybe, occasionally, just wax poetic.

I hope you’ll pop in now and again – go ahead and subscribe in your blog reader why dontcha? – and kick me if I never post.