More New Sites and Mascot, too!

I am actually posting! Miracle!

I have two new sites that I am excited to add to my portfolio. And could they be more different? I think not!

Abi Tapia is a local singer/songwriter who was about to release a new album and needed a new site to match. She sent me lots of great photos to work with, and after a few tries, we ended up with this colorful “birds on a fence” number. I like it because it looks clean and bright but still interesting. I also did the blog on this one. Hope she uses it more than I do mine. 😉

Cathy Heyman

Cathy’s instructions were olive green, orange, and bamboo. And voila! I think it looks very unique and sophisticated, without being too “fun” for a nice, responsible professional counselor.

And in other non-web-site related news . . .

My kids have been begging me for a dog for years. I was hesitant to take on the responsibility of a drooling, pooping companion again since my kids were finally out of diapers. But, as always, they won.

Meet Daisy, new unofficial mascot of Websy Daisy:

We got her from the Houston Beagle Rescue, a really wonderful group of people who take in and foster, train, heal, and find good homes for abandoned beagles. They were so crucial in helping us find just the perfect dog for us. Daisy is dreamy and we all just love her to pieces. Well, the cat has gone from HATING her to sort of tolerating her, which is a step in the right direction, right?

AND finally, my new goal . . .
To be a good example to my dear clients and post to the blog at least twice a week. If you can help a sister out with a little motivation, add a comment, tell a friend, add me to your feed reader. If I have any idea that anyone is reading, I will be more likely to actually remember I HAVE a blog.