Why I’m not Crafty / Crafty Special

People tend to assume I’m crafty. It makes sense. The evidence is all there:

1. Most of my friends are crafty.

BFF and major-league knitster Vickie Howell taught me to knit while I was in nesting mode with my second son. She has written 4 books and everything! I get inspired occasionally and pull out the needles, but I rarely finish anything, and tend to stick to very small things, like washcloths.

I also am lucky to count among my friends Rachel of Average Jane Crafter. She is living the dream of a life filled with all things crafty, and her excitement is contagious! But not her craftiness, at least not to me. I love what she does, but can’t bring myself to do any of it. Boo, me.

Then there is the amazing Kathie Sever of Ramonsterwear (also my very first client, thanks Kathie!) who always seems to have a zillion projects, teaches sewing classes, is an embroidery genius – I could go on and on.

And the famous (infamous?) Kayci of Moxie and the Compound (also my very second client!). Not only does she sell the very coolest stuff by Austin designers in her shop, she is also always whipping up the cutest shirts, bags, clothes, whatever, for sale or just for her friends.

And there are literally a dozen others.

2. My mom is crafty.

When I was a kid, my mom taught me to sew, embroider, latch hook, loom, weave, and more, and we were always baking up shrinky dinks or creating something or other. She was even my Blue Bird troop leader and PTA president. How much more crafty can you get, I ask you?? I feel like I have failed her as a daughter in that I just don’t have the patience to make anything but a sandwich.

3. My SON is crafty!

To add insult to injury, my 8 year old son can create anything from anything. He is the king of taking a box and paper clips and creating a star cruiser. I drive him crazy when I don’t see the potential in a pile of buttons and some duct tape.

I want to be crafty, too!
But my brain just is not wired that way. I don’t have the patience to work on something for hours and hours before I know if I will like the result. I think to be crafty, you have to LOVE the process. I am creative, I have always been one to draw and doodle and have lots of ideas. I just need more instant gratification.

You would think someone who can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes at a time would be ill-suited to web design, which honestly requires a LOT of time at the computer. But somehow it seems to be a perfect fit. I get the satisfaction of creating something, playing with color and composition, and then having it out there for the world to see. Plus I probably have a bit of my engineer father in me, whose job was to create things (like missiles and space shuttle tiles and stuff), but not so much with his hands.

In Honor of the Truly Crafty- A SPECIAL OFFER!
In order to live vicariously through those who have the patience and love of process needed to be “crafty” – I’m offering 10% off through July 14th (because I have a fondness for Bastille Day?) for new crafty web sites. Want to sell your awesome purses made from cereal boxes? Show off your jewelry featuring items from your bottle cap collection? I love to work with crafty people, so email me, mention this post, and let’s chat! If you decide to move forward by July 14th, you will save 10%!