I have been so so so busy that the blog has been about #2000 on the priority list. But I wanted to tell you about what I have been doing almost exclusively lately – WordPress sites!

When I first learned WordPress, it was really just so that I couldĀ  have an alternative blog platform to offer besides Blogger. But I quickly discovered that WordPress is not just a blog platform anymore. It has grown over the last few years to become a very robust and powerful Content Management System (CMS), allowing my clients to maintain their own sites, update their own content, all while of course enjoying the best blog system available.

Because there are so many plug-ins available for WordPress, I can add events listings, a calendar, photo galleries, eCommerce, forums, you name it!

Because WordPress is open source, it carries no monthly or start up fees. I charge standard fees to design and build the site to your specifications, but then it is all yours to do with as you wish!

I have added a WordPress section to my portfolio, but wanted to feature a few of the sites I have under my belt to show to flexibility of this powerful platform.

Liz Cass



This is a great example of a WordPress site that you might never guess was built using a CMS. It is simple and elegant, and includes an easy-to-update events calendar and photo gallery.

Smells Like Screen Spirit



Smells Like Screen Spirit is the movie news and review site of Dave Campbell. It features the powerful sorting, archiving, and search capabilities of WordPress. Note that it does not have a “blog” per se – the whole site harnesses the ability to categorize posts and display them in different places and sort them in different ways.

Porterhouse Productions


I will freely admit that I hired a programmer to help create the Events section of the Porterhouse Productions site, as it was highly customized to meet the needs of the client. The client simply fills out a form for each event and it is automatically generated on their site. Notice this site also features two separate blogs – one for each of their two locations!

Stay tuned for more featured WordPress sites tomorrow, including two with eCommerce built in!