How I Spent My Summer: Part 2

Yesterday I featured the web sites I created for 3 writers/authors this summer. Today, I want to show off the many WordPress sites I was entrusted with creating. As I have said before, I love WordPress. It is powerful and flexible and lets you edit the content yourself whenever you feel the urge.

Real Brazil Travel


Real Brazil Travel is a travel agency that specializes in highly customized excursions to Brazil, complete with beautiful hotels, beaches, and the best in personal service. One of the many great features of this site is the ability to easily add new photo galleries.

Relay Tunes


Relay Tunes is a unique site intended to bring music and giving together. Musicians donate music that you can download for free, with encouragement to give a donation to one of the carefully selected charities. I installed a plugin to allow them to easily add new music themselves.

Barton Hills Elementary PTA


I had previously done a site for Barton Hills, but as time went on, I decided to convert it to WordPress to make it easier to manage the constantly updated information. The great thing about using WordPress for the site is that it included a Search feature to help parents find exactly the info they need, as well as a way for parents to sign up to receive updates via email. Every time new information is posted to the home page, parents can receive the news in their email, so they are sure to never miss important information about school events.

Affinity Labs


The Affinity Labs site was actually designed by awesome Austin-based graphic designer Rachel Titsworth, and then I took the design and built it out in WordPress. I like that you can’t even tell that it is a WordPress site, but they are able to add News and Projects to the site at any time, while archiving older posts.

I love working with other designers to bring their designs to life on the web!



Fimwrecks is a new entertainment site to pan moments in film. I am proud of the header graphic. 😉

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Tomorrow: a hodge podge of other sites from this summer.