WordPress Strikes Again (Part 2 of 3)

Picking up where I left off in Part 1:

Lo and Behold Antiques


Lo and Behold owner Mike Mller scours the country for all objects odd, mysterious, fun, and unusual. Since his inventory changes often, he needed it be be easy for him to update his slideshows. He wanted this site to be driven by photos, and I think that was definitely accomplished.

Susannah Stinson


Susannah Stinson is an Austin, Texas attorney specializing in family law. She needed a site that was very professional, but still felt friendly and approachable, since her clients are not corporations  but primarily people going through emotionally-charged times.

Rock Raizer


Rock Raizer is a great little non-profit which provides music scholarships to underprivileged kids in Austin. Like any great rock star, it needed to be bold and professional – but a little rough around the edges. It includes a Paypal button for quick donations, plus an events calendar that they can update automatically through Google calendar. Skip ahead to October to see an event on the calendar.

Placid Athlete


Suzanne Bertin is a USA Triathlon Certified Coach who helps clients find balance in their lives, both physically and mentally, through her training programs. With a logo designed by Rachel Titsworth, she wanted the site to be more calming than the majority of personal trainer web sites, which tend to be jarring and in-your-face. This site includes a Subscribers-only section, in which you can pay a quarterly fee to get access to articles, workouts, drills, training plans, tools, and a list of resources. In her store, you can pay for services and purchase eBooks.

Tomorrow, Part 3 of WordPress Strikes Again!