WordPress Strikes Again (Part 3 of 3)

See Part 1 and Part 2.

Gwendolyn Zepeda


Gwendolyn Zepeda is a Latina author who has published 3 novels and 2 award-winning bilingual picture books. She provided the photo for the home page, which is overlaid with rotating quotes from reviews of her work. She wanted clean and simple. With her previous site, the blog was at a separate location with a different design, so we brought it all together into one site to make it all more cohesive and easier for her to manage.


Glenna Tabor


Glenna Tabor is the former teacher, now education consultant, who developed the Tabor Rotation—an instructional framework for learning mathematics. Glenna wanted something open and bright, but staying away from the cliché crayon clipart or institutional style that is typical for this field. Qootes from clients are featured throughout the site, along with bright professional photography.

High Friction Surfacing


High Friction Surfacing is a Cedar Hill, Texas based company that does exactly what you might think—high friction surfacing! Their highway surfacing technique makes highways safer and more skid resistant. Their customers are government agencies, so they wanted the site to be professional, but still able to stand out from the crowd of boring gray and blue web sites that tend to be the norm.

Tina Sparkles


Tina Sparkles is an Austin-based, fashion-obsessed, creator extraordinaire who teaches classes and workshops in sewing, fashion illustration, and re-purposing.  She is also the author of Little Green Dresses, which guides the reader through 50 designs, focusing on refashioning old items into something brand spanking new. Tina provided me with pages of her drawings, doodles, and ideas, which all came together to create a site that was ALL Tina!