OT: Save TX Schools

I try to keep my blog posts focused on web sites, but sometimes, I just have to stray a bit. When it is really important. And this is REALLY important.

And actually, when you get down to it, there ARE 2 websites involved, and I did create both of them. So perhaps I have not gone too far afield.

Education in Texas is in crisis. Our already-underfunded schools are now facing drastic, historic cuts to their funding from the state. Districts all across Texas are being forced to plan school closures; mass teacher layoffs; cutting of music, art, and PE; and slashing of special needs services.

My involvement started when my own school district, Austin ISD, proposed closing my own kids’ school—an Exemplary-rated campus—as well as 8 other successful elementaries. To share information and help organize, I created http://saveaustinschools.com.

However, it quickly became clear that we needed to fight this battle on not one, but two fronts. Our state lawmakers needed to know that we as a state are no longer going to sit idly by while they continually slash school funding and undermine the educational and emotional well-being of our students. I joined a group of many concerned citizens all committed to change at the state level, and from there http://savetxschools.org was born.

We are planning a rally on the south steps of the state capitol building on March 12th from noon-2. We hope to see thousands join us from all over the state to raise one voice in support of our children. Won’t you come, too? I hope you will visit the site, and use the many tools provided to spread the word far and wide, to everyone you know across Texas. Let them know that now is not the time to sit at home and hope things get better – now is the time to join the fight to save our schools!