NEW! BigCommerce by Websy Daisy

I am constantly looking for eCommerce solutions that will meet the needs of my clients, from simple carts for those who only have a few products and just need their customers to be able to checkout, to complete content management systems that allow you to add new products yourself.

However recently I was finding that my clients wanted more than the options I had could offer, so I set off to search yet again. I needed something I could easily integrate with my custom designs, automated email marketing, great search engine optimization, integration with social marketing, integration with Quickbooks, great tech support, and most importantly, it had to be easy for my clients to use. I thought it might also be nice if it was easy for ME to use – because that saves time, which saves my client money.

This was not easy.

Oh, I found lots of solutions that had most of the features – but they were either incredibly expensive or way too complex to use.

Then, Eureka! It was actually a potential client who tipped me off. They mentioned that they had been looking at BigCommerce, and wondered if I  had any experience with it. So I started to check it out, and I definitely liked what I saw: an impressive feature list, affordable pricing structure, and free technical support by phone, email, or live chat. (I love live chat.)

I can even set up a free trial for you so you can explore a bit, risk free. Just contact me to start your free trial.

So now I am very proud to offer BigCommerce to my lineup of ecommerce solutions! Over the past month I have created 2 web sites using it in combination with my favorite CMS, WordPress, and I am really happy with the results. What do you think?

Big Kids

Big Kids is an Austin-based retailer of educational DVDS, music, and audio books. They have been in business since the 90s, and had an old Yahoo store that was showing its age and hard to maintain. I created a brand new design for them, built a site in WordPress, and integrated the design into BigCommerce to give them a seamless shopping experience. I set them up with Mailchimp, which integrates with BigCommerce, and created a custom email template so they can continue to stay in touch with their customers.

Bik Kids


Potter Country Store

Potter Country Store, experts in all things pecan, has two locations in Schulenburg, Texas. They offer a wide selection of pies, preserves, and snacks, and needed a more polished site to show them to the world. Again, I harnessed the powers of WordPress and BigCommerce to create a site that looks great and gives them the ability to manage the content themselves.

What Do You Need?

Whether your needs are small or you want a fully-featured solution like BigCommerce, I can find the appropriate solution for your business. Contact me to find out what I can do for you!