Websy Daisy Redesign 2011

Wow, I have not blogged in over 3 months! But believe me, I have wanted to – lots of new sites to show off, lots of news to share. But for some reason, during once of my busiest seasons ever, I got the uncontrollable hankering to not just redesign my own web site, but to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. This was an ambitious enterprise when you consider I did not actually have ANY extra time to work on it.

I put blogging on hold, daring myself to not post again until I was announcing my new site! Thinking this would motivate the long, late night hours needed! Hm, well, here we are 3 months later. The only reason I was able to finally finish it up was thanks to my wonderful intern, Diana, who swooped in and saved the day, populating my enormous Portfolio pages and rounding up all of my testimonials.

So here it is, finally, and once I recover, I have lots of new sites to blog about. In the meantime, jump over to my Portfolios page where you can see all of the latest stuff – sortable by category!

I undoubtably have a lot of tweaking and fixing and adding to do over the next few months, but for now, I’m so glad to just have it, sort of, “done.”

Do you need a web site makeover? Contact me and let’s chat!