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By October 25, 2011New Sites, WordPress

Now THIS is a cool idea, and it was new to me. Go Flip Yourself is a small company based in manhattan who will come to your party or other event, set up a station to video your guests wearing silly costumes and holding props, then create custom flipbooks for all! I want to throw a big party just so I can have a flipbook station! Go Flip Yourself had a web site already – it was very  nice, but it was all in Flash – lots of movement and music, hard to navigate, and invisible on iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Plus Flash made it very hard for them to update the site.

I created a new design for them using their existing logo, made it easy to navigate, and added lots of videos to demonstrate what they do. I also created a theme for their SmugMug page and customized their Facebook landing page.




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