Featured Site – Larry Anderson Construction

By October 5, 2011New Sites, WordPress

Larry Anderson is an Austin-area builder and remodeler who needed a new web site. His main objective was to showcase his photos in order to share them with architects and potential clients. The site is set up in WordPress so that he can easily add new projects himself, and creating the slideshows for each project is as easy as uploading some photos. Note how clicking on the Projects link automatically drops down a menu showing all of his project pages, and that menu stays open as you browse the various projects, making it easy to switch from one to another!

Author Jenny

Jenny founded Websy Daisy way back in 2004, when she saw that there was a real need for custom web design for small businesses and small budgets. She has been working as a web designer and graphic designer for more than 15 years, and has created hundreds of web sites for entrepreneurs, authors, small businesses, artists, designers, and business professionals.

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