Featured Site: Dollie Enterprises

Cheryl Serdar sells vintage and one-of-a kind items in her online store. She also provides stylist and personal shopping services. She had a web site that was messy and hard to navigate, with a store that never really got 100% functional. I took her existing logo and started from scratch, creating a clean and open design and adding a BigCommerce store that is much easier to use than what she was accustomed to.

[testimonial img=”http://websydaisy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/dollie.jpg” company=”Dollie Enterprises” url=”http://shopdollie.com/” person=”Cheryl Serdar”]WOW! Jenny is incredible. She has the perfect mix of creativeness and technical knowledge while being extremely professional and timely! This was my second attempt on getting a website designed. My first site took over a year to design and made functional. After a year, it still was not “finished” and nothing like I envisioned. In less than 2 weeks I had a beautiful, well-designed site with Jenny. I sometimes have a difficult time conveying what I want when it comes to a vision for my business and website. Somehow, it was almost like Jenny read my mind and created the perfect website, better than I ever even envisioned! Jenny has the expertise to get you the ideal website. Thank you Jenny for your professionalism, knowledge, creativeness and expertise! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my website and will be so proud to market it and “show it off.”[/testimonial]