2013 Websy Daisy Wrap Up!

I clearly don’t blog often . . . but I wanted to take a break and a breath and look back over 2013 before I get geared up to start the new year!

First, I have created more than 50 new websites this year! In 2013, I have had the honor of creating sites for artists, interior designers, consultants, home builders, a comic book store, a doggie daycare, and so much more – but the big winner in Websy Daisy Land was the authors/writers category – 11 of my 50 sites were for the weavers of words!

I gave makeovers to 5 existing Websy Daisy sites! As Internet trends change, or a business’s needs change, sometimes it is just best to start anew, and I love it when my clients trust me to start over and renew their web presence.

I changed my focus. As I get busier and busier and have more and more sites under my metaphorical belt, I have definitely found that there are some types of projects I enjoy working on more than others. A few months ago I made the decision to take a break from ecommerce sites and membership sites. I still have a few on my schedule, but I am not going to schedule any more for the time being. I want to focus more on specialty sites, sites for artists and authors, sites for small local businesses, and well, whatever else piques my interest!

I have an assistant! I am not great at delegating, but I was seeing that my service was lacking at certain points in the client relationship, namely that period between scheduling a client and when we actually started the project. In a beautiful burst of kismet, Jodi Egerton (of Write Good Consulting) has joined me to bridge the gaps and assure that my clients are being supported every step of the way. BONUS–she is available to help with all of your content writing and editing needs! Great content is the backbone of a great website, and I hope my clients will avail themselves of her services!

Better Support! In my never-ending quest to better serve my clients, I have been thinking and thinking and trying various things to try to make sure I can handle updates for my clients in an expedient manner. The hardest answer for me to realize was also the most obvious – schedule less, Jenny! I have started being much more aware of how I am scheduling new projects to make sure there will almost always be some free hours every week for taking care of support and updates. I also just created a Support page on my website, with a form my clients can fill out to troubleshoot their issues and make sure I have all of the information I need to solve the problem. I hope to flesh this page out more over the year with more tips and strategies to resolve web issues quickly.

Looking Forward! I took a week off for the holidays, and by the 5th day I found myself really itching to get back to work. Can I do anything for you? I have bookings all the way into March, so plan ahead and contact me soon! I love thinking about new projects on the horizon . . .

Happy New Year everyone!

4 Responses to “2013 Websy Daisy Wrap Up!”

  1. Tami Bone


    I am so happy with the work you do, and thrilled to have found you. What a relief to have a completely professional, visually smart and responsive webdesigner!

    Thank you, and wishing you the best for 2014 ;~).

    Tami Bone