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By November 18, 2014Unsolicited Advice

I am going to post something longer later this month, but the short version is, I am having a love affair with WPEngine WordPress hosting. I recently changed cloud hosting companies and moved my site and several of my clients sites to WPEngine, and I have been so so so happy. Sites load quickly, tech support is top notch, they have the very best security to guard against hackers, and they are so easy to work with.

I just got an email that they are offering 4 months free when you pay for a year! The offer expires on December 2, 2014, so I wanted to go ahead and spread the word. Get it while the getting is good! Click on the banner below to get started and be sure to use the code CyberHosting14 to get your free 4 months!

WP Engine CyberHosting14 Special Offer

This hosting is more expensive than your usual shared hosting, so it might not be the best fit for everyone. But if you have it in your budget, I really recommend it.

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