2018 Websites: Authors for Young Readers

In 2018 we created brand new websites for 5 authors of novels for young readers. They write books for kids who have graduated from picture books, and are ready to dip their toes into the wonderful world of novels, their first books to snuggle up with for hours, losing themselves in chapters of drama, friendship, mystery, and more! The very special authors of these very special books deserve, what else? Very special websites!

Susan Tan

Susan is the author of the Cilla Lee-Jenkins series, books based on her own childhood!  She provided Illustrations by Dana Wulfekotte, and we wove them into a design that is fun and just grown up enough for her young readers. Click here to visit the site!

Kristin Mahoney

Kristin is the author of Annie’s Life in Lists and The 47 People You’ll Meet in High School — her books are almost YA, but still for young readers. We created a fun design using muted blues and black and white paper and patterned tape along with fun fonts to make a truly unique design! Click here to visit the site!

Babysitting Nightmares

Babysitting Nightmares is a series by author Kat Shepherd, whose website I also created. She wanted a website specifically for her series, which follows the spooky babysitting adventures of a group of seventh grade friends. We were lucky to be able to use artwork from the book covers to create a spooooky design with top-secret stuff hidden throughout! Click here to visit the site!

Merriam Saunders

Merriam is a psychotherapist who likes to write books for young readers about kids with AD/HD, Autism, OCD, Anxiety. We created a super quirky site, including a flying pig!, to introduce her brand new, unique books. Click here to visit the site!

M.J. Peters

M.J. Peters is actually a wife-husband duo who created the fantasy novel, William’s Wish. Fantasy images and beautiful photos set the stage for their creation. Click here to visit the site!