2018 Websites: Multi-Level Authors

Some authors just love to do it all — writing for a range of ages from preschoolers to young adults. We created three website in 2018 for these flexible and talented people!

Christina Soontornvat

Christina writes picture books, chapter books for young readers, and middle school novels, including the Changelings series. She showed us the geometric universe image, and we could not wait to turn it into a bold, graphic web design!   Click here to visit the site!

Jen Barton

Jen is the author of one picture book, two non-fiction books for young readers, and one middle grade fantasy novel! She provided the awesome illustration of herself, and we took it from there. The site included lots of fun surprise animations!  Click here to visit the site!

Meredith Rusu

Meredith is a very prolific writer, the author of almost 80 books to date for everyone from preschoolers to young adults! The biggest challenge was figuring out the best way to organize them all! We wrapped the site in a design chock full of whimsical images.   Click here to visit the site!