Force Facebook and Twitter to take another look at your page

By March 5, 2018Ask Websy

Have you ever posted a link to your website on Facebook or Twitter, seen a typo or something else you’d really like to change, made the changes to your page and posted again . . . and Facebook/Twitter is STILL showing the old info? Frustrating, right?

This happens because to save time, Facebook and Twitter only “scrape” your page the first time you post a link to it. Then it remembers that info forever, no matter how many changes you make.

But you CAN force it to look again!


Simply follow this link:

Enter the URL (the link) to the page in question, and click the Debug button. Then click the Scrape Again button until the correct information appears. (It might take a few tries.) Voila! When you now go to post your link to Facebook, the info will all be updated.


Go here:

Enter the URL (the link) to the page you want to post, and then click the Preview Card button. If you don’t see your changes, click it again. It might take a few clicks to force the refresh. Once you see your changes, you are done! The correct information will show the next time you post it to Twitter.

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