Ask Websy: Force Facebook to see changes to my website!

Dear Websy,

I posted a link to my site on Facebook, and saw a typo in the description! I went back and fixed the typo on my web page, but Facebook can’t seem to get over it – it keeps showing the typo! What do I do?

This is indeed really annoying, and happens to everyone eventually. It might not even be a typo, but just changes you have made to the page at any time, or a new photo you add, anything at all.

The first time you (or anyone else) post a link to a page, Facebook “scrapes” the page for info and images, and it stores all of that info to use every time that page is linked to in the future. It will not look at your page again to see if anything has changed.

But you can force Facebook to re-scrape your page, forgetting what it saw before and learning something new!

Simply follow this link:

(I have it bookmarked in my browser because I use it a LOT. If you have a website, I recommend you do the same.)

Enter the URL (the link) to the page in question, and click the Debug button. Then click the Scrape Again button until the correct information appear. (It might take a few tries.) Voila! When you now go to post your link to Facebook, the info will all be updated.

This is a great tool to use before you post a link to Facebook, too, just to see what people will see in your link before you actually post it.