Five Author Website Makeovers 2018

Here, we are, December 1st! 2018 is almost over, and it’s the time when I start to look back over all of the websites I’ve been so so lucky to bring to life this year!

I LOVE authors. I am so inspired by people who can weave a story and share it with the world. That’s why I create tons of author websites!

I ALSO love makeovers — taking a website that has outlived its look and purpose, and rebuilding it from scratch to make it fresh and new for the years to come.

Combine these two things and you get my most favorite thing of all: Author Site Makeovers! (Hey we all have our thing, right?) This year I was able to take five sites that I created in years past, and reimagine them for the authors they represent!

All of the sites below are mobile responsive, meaning they look great on any size device and get Google’s “mobile-friendly” thumbs up! Click on the images to see the evolution! (Ready to see your own site evolve? Give us a shout!)

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Varian Johnson

I originally created a site for Varian way back in 2008! In 2014, we did a refresh, changed up some colors and layout, to better match a new book series. Now in 2018, with another new series coming out, we decided to just start over with a completely new look, new layout, and all new design. Visit the site here.


Edward Carey

Edward Carey is the author and illustrator who brought us the wildly inventive Iremonger Trilogy. With the upcoming release of his highly-anticipated book Little, we gave his website a total makeover. I created his original site in 2015. We kept some of the things we loved (his illustrations of course!) but updated the whole site to better feature his latest title and have a bigger, more distinctive look. Visit the site here. 


Kekla Magoon

I first created a site for Kekla way back in 2012, and it was time to shake things up. We created a new, mobile-friendly site with organization that works better for where she is in her writing journey today. Visit the site here. 


Elizabeth McCracken

We created Elizabeth McCracken’s website back in 2013, and 5 years later, kept the things she still loved (like her awesome octopus!), but modernized the whole site for 2018. Visit the site here. 


Annemarie O’Brien

I created Annemarie’s original site, promoting her unique and beautiful book Lara’s Gift back in 2013. For her 2018 makeover, she wanted to keep a lot of the look, as it was all designed to match her book cover, but make it more relevant to today’s web design standards, make it work great on mobile, and do some major rearranging.



Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing tons of the Websy websites of 2018, including many more authors, many more makeovers, and a whole slew of small business sites!

I would LOVE to see your site featured here this time next year!! Contact us for a quote on a custom-designed website!

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