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Authors have very special needs for their online presence, and yet so often they end up with cookie cutter websites that are not promoting them to their fullest! At Websy Daisy, we do things a little differently.

We have spent years perfecting the craft of creating custom-designed author websites! Our goal is always to capture the personality and spirit of not only the author, but of his/her writing. We want your site to appeal to your specific readers, librarians and teachers who might want to bring you in for a school visit, and the book sellers who get your books into the hands of future fans!

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Jenny is brilliant! And so fast she literally made my head spin. Jenny was done building a whole new, gorgeous site in less than a week and it's the best one I've ever had. I could not be happier with the experience.

Amanda Stevens

Jenny's work was amazing, beautiful and fast. Her process made me get very organized and clear ahead of time so that she could be creative. She is wise and smart and creative. I'm joining the Websy Daisy chorus of singing Jenny Medford's praises.

Lindsey Lane

I absolutely adore my new website! I love the style, the usability, the colors - everything! It's all that I hoped for and so much more. Thanks a million. I couldn't be happier.

Dianne White

It was a pleasure to work with Jenny on my website. She's a pro—aesthetics, accuracy, know-how and speed of execution were all terrific.

Kathy Dalle Molle

Lisa Fipps

Colleen Paeff

Michelle I. Mason

Pamela B. Taylor

Tanglealley Press

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Nicole D. Collier

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