The Authors of 2014: Part Two

Day two of the the Websy author sites of 2014 . . . let’s roll!

Laurie Saurborn Young


Laurie Saurborn Young is a writer, poet, photographer, and teacher in Austin, Texas. She does it all! This site is a hub for all her work, and she needed something clean and elegant to serve as the canvas. I was lucky to have her beautiful photography to use in the background and on the home page—it sets just the right tone.

Mary Atkinson


Mary Atkinson is a poet and writer based in Portland, Maine. We chose a lovely landscape watercolor to use as her background, the perfect stage for the poetry featured on the pages. Our goal was a site that was peaceful, but still vibrant. I love how it all came together!

Kathy Dalle-Molle


Kathy Dalle-Molle is a San Francisco based writer, reporter, and so much more! She also runs monthly workshops called “Write Now!” to help writers get their own words flowing.  She sent me photos of pens on a pad of paper, and we went from there . . . using black, white, red, and yellow to make a super clean, bold, and easy-to-navigate site.

Anne Bustard


Anne Bustard lives in Austin, Texas, but she was born in Hawaii and will always be a beach girl at heart. In fact, her latest book, Anywhere But Paradise, is a middle grade historical novel set in Hawaii! It tells the story of a 7th grader new to the islands in 1960, and her struggles with being different, bullied, and not feeling at home. Since Anne herself does feel so at home on the beach, we decided to bring it to her website! A sandy beach, a colorful collection of shells, and some abstract seafoam waves all set the scene to show off her latest works.

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