Portfolio Updated

I have been so crazy busy the past few months with work, for which I am very very thankful. I so appreciate all the referrals I have had from my clients, as these economic times make us self-employed sorts a wee bit nervous. An unfortunate side effect of all this work is that my own… Read more »

Why I’m not Crafty / Crafty Special

People tend to assume I’m crafty. It makes sense. The evidence is all there: 1. Most of my friends are crafty. BFF and major-league knitster Vickie Howell taught me to knit while I was in nesting mode with my second son. She has written 4 books and everything! I get inspired occasionally and pull out… Read more »

More New Sites and Mascot, too!

Abi Tapia is a local singer/songwriter who was about to release a new album and needed a new site to match. She sent me lots of great photos to work with, and after a few tries, we ended up with this colorful “birds on a fence” number. I like it because it looks clean and bright but still interesting. I also did the blog on this one. Hope she uses it more than I do mine. 😉

Miss me?

I always preach to people that they need to keep up with their blog. And then I let mine languish. Just do as I say people! What can I say, it has been a crazy couple of months. I have been doing lots of web sites, and it is a good thing since I got… Read more »

You Get What You Pay For

There are a few things that I have heard over and over again over the past few years and I thought I should just address them in a blog post and get it over with. They all concern getting something for free. When you are starting a business and want a web site, it is… Read more »

Long Time No Post and New Web Sites

I have been so so busy that I have long neglected this blog. I slowed down to spend more time with my kids, and did I mention I have a full-time job outside of freelancing? But I have a little time today so I thought I would catch up on some of the sites I… Read more »

Why Blog?

Ironic Aside: When I went to write this post about the many benefits of having a blog for your business, I got a message that MY blog had been blocked for having the characteristics of a spam blog. Sigh. Apparently one of the characteristics is having long strings of nonsensical text. Now, I know I… Read more »

What’s in a (key)word? SEO Step 1.

The number one thing people ask me over and over and over is “How can I improve my ranking in the search engines?” There are 8 zillion articles on the web about this, and I highly encourage you to read a few of them – but the Reader’s Digest version is – if you are… Read more »

Call Me Old-Fashioned

There has been a trend going on – well, for a while now – in web sites. It started with Flash but has moved into the world of html—itty bitty web pages with ittier-bittier light-grey type. I understand why people want web pages with no scrolling – I do. It looks nice. If done well,… Read more »

This One’s for Me!

We all know the mom whose kids dress and eat better than they do. (Ok, that’s me, but I digress.) I’ve known car salesmen who drive junkers, writers who never have the time to read, and chefs who never cook at home. Sometimes that is how I am about my business – I spend so… Read more »