Common WordPress Issues

WordPress is the best – really. It is amazingly flexible, expandable, SEO-friendly, and easy to use. That’s why I use it on almost every single site I build. But any web platform has its quirks, and WordPress is no exception. Plus — stuff happens. If you all of a sudden find that some aspect of your… Read more »

The Authors of 2014: Part Three

The final four of 2014! If you missed them, here are Parts One and Two. Nikki Loftin Nikki Loftin is a Texas-based author of three novels: The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy, where the students begin to wonder just what exactly they are being fattened up for; Nightingale’s Nest, the story of a boy who… Read more »

The Authors of 2014: Part Two

Day two of the the Websy author sites of 2014 . . . let’s roll! Laurie Saurborn Young Laurie Saurborn Young is a writer, poet, photographer, and teacher in Austin, Texas. She does it all! This site is a hub for all her work, and she needed something clean and elegant to serve as the canvas. I… Read more »

The Authors of 2014: Part One

I am not shy about admitting that I LOVE to create author sites. A) I love to read, and am amazed by the ability to weave words, whether for a toddler, a teen, or an old coot like me, and B) it is so much fun to create a design that captures an author’s personality… Read more »

4 months of WordPress Hosting for FREE

I am going to post something longer later this month, but the short version is, I am having a love affair with WPEngine WordPress hosting. I recently changed cloud hosting companies and moved my site and several of my clients sites to WPEngine, and I have been so so so happy. Sites load quickly, tech… Read more »

Ask Websy: Force Facebook to see changes to my website!

Dear Websy, I posted a link to my site on Facebook, and saw a typo in the description! I went back and fixed the typo on my web page, but Facebook can’t seem to get over it – it keeps showing the typo! What do I do? This is indeed really annoying, and happens to everyone eventually…. Read more »

2013 Websy Daisy Wrap Up!

I clearly don’t blog often . . . but I wanted to take a break and a breath and look back over 2013 before I get geared up to start the new year! First, I have created more than 50 new websites this year! In 2013, I have had the honor of creating sites for artists,… Read more »

Ask Websy : Check email with Gmail

Note: Updated 2019 Dear Websy, I have a nice email address through my hosting provider, but I hate their webmail. Can I check my email in Gmail? Yes! In order to do this, you will need to know your email username (it is almost always the full email address itself), password, and the POP server…. Read more »

Ask Websy : Credit Cards and Invoicing for Freelancers

Dear Websy, I am a freelancer and have always just sent my customers Paypal invoices, but lately everyone wants to pay with a credit card. I also have trouble keeping track of who owes me what. Dear Freelancer, I am going to tackle the second part of the questions first. Sending invoices and tracking payments… Read more »

SE-NO Part 4: Now what?

In Part 1, I told you why “Being #1 in Google” doesn’t mean anything, and explain why. In Part 2, I told you why you need to focus on attracting people instead of driving traffic. In Part 3, I discuss how having a blog can be great for SEO. Or not. I highly recommend reading… Read more »

SE-NO Part 3: Blogging for SEO

In Part 1, I told you why “Being #1 in Google” doesn’t mean anything, and explain why. In Part 2, I told you why you need to focus on attracting people instead of driving traffic. A large part of what was discussed in the above posts was about having relevant content on your site, and a blog CAN… Read more »

SE-NO Part 2: Being #1 for Customers

In “Part 1: Being #1 in Google“, I explained a little bit about how fruitless it is to try to be “#1 in Google.” Your real goal is being #1 for your customers. (I will use the term “customer” below, but this might actually be clients, patients, readers, or something else depending on your situation.)… Read more »