Ask Websy : Credit Cards and Invoicing for Freelancers

Dear Websy, I am a freelancer and have always just sent my customers Paypal invoices, but lately everyone wants to pay with a credit card. I also have trouble keeping track of who owes me what. Dear Freelancer, I am going to tackle the second part of the questions first. Sending invoices and tracking payments… Read more »

SE-NO Part 4: Now what?

In Part 1, I told you why “Being #1 in Google” doesn’t mean anything, and explain why. In Part 2, I told you why you need to focus on attracting people instead of driving traffic. In Part 3, I discuss how having a blog can be great for SEO. Or not. I highly recommend reading… Read more »

SE-NO Part 3: Blogging for SEO

In Part 1, I told you why “Being #1 in Google” doesn’t mean anything, and explain why. In Part 2, I told you why you need to focus on attracting people instead of driving traffic. A large part of what was discussed in the above posts was about having relevant content on your site, and a blog CAN… Read more »

SE-NO Part 2: Being #1 for Customers

In “Part 1: Being #1 in Google“, I explained a little bit about how fruitless it is to try to be “#1 in Google.” Your real goal is being #1 for your customers. (I will use the term “customer” below, but this might actually be clients, patients, readers, or something else depending on your situation.)… Read more »

SE-NO Part 1: Being #1 in Google

Say this with me 3 times: Your customers are more important than Google. Your customers are more important than Google. Your customers are more important than Google. (Replace “customers” with “clients,” “readers,” “patients,” or whatever is most applicable to you.) You now know 80% of what you need to know about SEO. What the heck… Read more »

Who Doesn’t Love a Makeover?

As I explained in my blog post “How Often Should You Redo Your Web Site?“, there really is a shelf-life on websites – just like clothing styles, web designs can start to look dated after a number of years, but there are lots of other reasons to start fresh. Maybe your business has changed, maybe… Read more »

Collaborative Projects

For most of my projects, I both design and build the site, but I also work with several designers who create beautiful designs and need someone to bring those designs to life! I don’t add these sites to my portfolio because I don’t want to misrepresent them as my own design work, but they definitely… Read more »


If you follow me at all, you know that I don’t usually do special offers. But I have decided for just this once to offer a little special, limited-time pricing as an early holiday treat! 15% off New Sites or Site Makeovers! Don’t have a web site but sure wish you did? Have a web… Read more »

How to Choose a Web Designer

I frequently hear from prospective clients that they have received several quotes for their project, and the prices have spanned a huge range, from a few hundred dollars, to many thousands of dollars. There is not a universal fee structure for web development, and what any given person charges can depend on a lof of… Read more »

Going Email Only

I’ve been freelancing for over 8 years, and over those years I have been constantly fine-tuning and adjusting the way I run and conduct business in order to: A. Provide my clients with the best possible service. B. Maintain some life balance for myself. C. Be as efficient as possible without sacrificing A or B…. Read more »

Where the heck ARE you??

Here is where I reveal one of my little neuroses—something that crawls so far up under my skin that I have to do a few quick deep breathing exercises to shake it off and move on. Say you are searching for a service – doctor, therapist, stylist, tinker, tailor, candlestick maker, and Google gives you… Read more »

Don’t put the milk in the back!

Grocery stores organize their products so that in order to find the things you are most likely to dash in to buy (like milk, eggs, bread, etc), you have to wind through half the store to find them, thus forcing you to pass by hundreds of OTHER products that you might pick up on impulse…. Read more »