Featured Site: DuraSeal

DuraSeal is an Austin-based company that sells assorted materials for wastewater restoration projects. They had a web site, but were looking for something more polished and professional, and wanted the ability to update the site themselves over time. I took their existing logo and created a new design, then built it out in WordPress. Multiple… Read more »

Featured Site: Annette Simon

Annette Simon is a Florida-based children’s book author who creates fun and vibrant illustrations using colorful shapes, all wrapped around the most charming of stories. The plan was for her to create some illustrations that I could use in the design, but once she got started she ended up just creating the whole design! I… Read more »

Featured Site: Jordana Raiskin

Jordana Raiskin

Jordana Raiskin is an Austin, Texas based therapist who uses a wide range of approaches to help her clients reach their goals. She had been getting by with a Google site, but it was pretty unfinished. I created a new, vibrant design (using colors from her existing business cards) and added a Skype feature so… Read more »

Featured Site: Sarah Prineas

I love doing sites for authors, and I was especially excited to do one for Sarah Prineas, as she is the author of a series of books that my sons loved – The Magic Thief! This made me a bit of a celebrity with my kids. Sarah has a new book coming out in January, and… Read more »

Featured Site: SK Fitness

Stephanie Kelley is an Austin-Texas based pilates instructor, personal trainer, and fitness expert. She had a blog on Blogger, but needed something more professional to take her business to the next level. Check out her extensive Recipe section, all sortable by type of dish, including the perfect happy hour cocktails. I also prettied up her Twitter page to… Read more »

Featured Site: Dollie Enterprises

Cheryl Serdar sells vintage and one-of-a kind items in her online store. She also provides stylist and personal shopping services. She had a web site that was messy and hard to navigate, with a store that never really got 100% functional. I took her existing logo and started from scratch, creating a clean and open… Read more »

Featured Site: Sally Weiner

Sally Weiner is a painter & photographer who lives in Chicago, Illinois. She takes these amazing photos of crystalline rocks through a microscope! She also paints portraits from photos, creating beautiful art depicting kids, a favorite pet, or a loved one you remember fondly. The key word for this site was clean clean clean, to… Read more »

Great Photography can make (or break) your business!

When people are looking to buy a product, hire someone for a service, or donate to a cause, typically one of the first things they will do is look online. Your web site is your first opportunity to woo them into spending their money with your business instead of the competition. I do as much… Read more »

Featured Site: Rouge Makeup Studio

Kelsey James is an Austin-based makeup artist whose existing web site was lacking polish. I created an entirely new design for her with a vintage look, but also some thoroughly modern features. Note how clicking on the navigation scrolls you through the different pages of the site; this is a cool way to make a… Read more »

Featured Site: Howlinfish

Mark Fisher is a guitar and songwriting instructor in Austin, Texas. He teaches all ages, from kids to adults, so I felt it was key that his site be sophisticated enough to appeal to grown-ups, but also make it clear that he was the kind of fun, friendly guy that the kids would love, too…. Read more »

Featured Site: Revolution from Home

Beth Berry is a writer from Austin whose whole family moved to Mexico to learn Spanish, and found a simpler, slower way of life in the process. She wanted a blog to share her experiences and musing and chronicle her journey, calling it a Revolution from Home. I love the subtle earthy tones of this… Read more »

Featured Site – Biodiversity Works

Biodiversity Works is a non-profit based in Austin, Texas. They help private landowners with the goal of conserving rare, endangered, and threatened species. They needed a way to highlight the important work they are doing, and to encourage donations! I created a clean design featuring lots of photos with lots of prompts to donate.