Featured Site – Blairfield Realty

Blairfield Realty is an Austin-based real estate company that specializes in homes in the 78704 neighborhood. They also buy properties and turn them into beautiful masterpieces that I would love to live in. They had a web site that no longer really matched their business, and they had been unable to maintain it the way… Read more »

Featured Site – Go Flip Yourself

Now THIS is a cool idea, and it was new to me. Go Flip Yourself is a small company based in manhattan who will come to your party or other event, set up a station to video your guests wearing silly costumes and holding props, then create custom flipbooks for all! I want to throw… Read more »

Featured Site – Lone Star Eye Center

Dr. Casey Packer of Lone Star Eye Center needed a new web site for his practice, and was clear that he did not want your basic boring optometrist site. They provide the latest technologies in eye care, and wanted that to be clear with a site that gave them a modern and cutting edge image.

Featured Site – Hypnosteps

Becky Hays is an Austin Texas based Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Reiki Master, and Certified Timeline Regression Specialist. I originally created Hypnosteps.com 3 years ago, but over the years her needs and desired image have changed, so we started over with a whole new, more modern design, built the site in WordPress to… Read more »

Featured Site – Larry Anderson Construction

Larry Anderson is an Austin-area builder and remodeler who needed a new web site. His main objective was to showcase his photos in order to share them with architects and potential clients. The site is set up in WordPress so that he can easily add new projects himself, and creating the slideshows for each project… Read more »

The Anatomy of a Web Site

If you are a mechanic, or maybe just someone who knows anything about cars, there are things that are obvious to  you that are completely lost on me. You probably know the difference between an alternator and a carburetor, while I frequently forget that I actually have to get gas. I would feel so much… Read more »

Featured Site – Alyssa Goodnight

Alyssa is a Houston writer who contacted me many months before about taking on her project. Well, you can read more about what ensued on her blog:http://alyssagoodnight.com/2011/06/the-nice-girl-the-perp/  The end of the story is I took the great header she already had, created a design around it, built it all out in WordPress, imported all of her… Read more »

Featured Site – Honduras Photo Adventure

Jeff Parker is an Austin-based wildlife and nature photographer who is offering guided photo tours of Honduras! He needed a quick one-page site to promote his offerings, but as it was a lot of info for one page, I used some fancy footwork to make it appear to be a full web site. Note how… Read more »

Featured Site – Carter Cox

Carter Cox is an Austin-based artist and blacksmith, creating beautiful and unique pieces that I would love to have in my home. He wanted something super simple to show off his beautiful metalwork. He provided the logo, plus the background which is derived from a microscopic photo of the crystalline structure of steel – pretty… Read more »

Featured Site – DAS Consulting

Deborah Shea of DAS Consulting provides executive coaching, teambuilding, and assessment services. As her clients are mostly corporate, she needed her site to look very clean and professional—but not TOO boring. As her former logo was not available in a usable format, and no longer fit the image of her changing business, I put together… Read more »

Websy Daisy Redesign 2011

Wow, I have not blogged in over 3 months! But believe me, I have wanted to – lots of new sites to show off, lots of news to share. But for some reason, during once of my busiest seasons ever, I got the uncontrollable hankering to not just redesign my own web site, but to… Read more »

NEW! BigCommerce by Websy Daisy

I am constantly looking for eCommerce solutions that will meet the needs of my clients, from simple carts for those who only have a few products and just need their customers to be able to checkout, to complete content management systems that allow you to add new products yourself. However recently I was finding that… Read more »