How I Spent My Summer: Part 3

Lauren Tree Jewelry features the jewelry designs of artist Kensley Lauren Greuter. The jewelry is beautiful and organic and needed a site to match. Notice the scrolling galleries throughout.

How I Spent My Summer: Part 2

Yesterday I featured the web sites I created for 3 writers/authors this summer. Today, I want to show off the many WordPress sites I was entrusted with creating. As I have said before, I love WordPress. It is powerful and flexible and lets you edit the content yourself whenever you feel the urge. Real Brazil… Read more »

How I Spent My Summer: Part 1

It has been a VERY PRODUCTIVE summer! I have been a busy bee creating web sites, all while keeping my kids entertained. I have occasionally felt like this guy: But for the most part I was able to keep all the bricks on my head. I wanted to share what all I have been working… Read more »

WordPress Part 2

Following up on yesterday’s post, some more recent sites I have done with WordPress: Craft Corps is a new book coming out next year from Vickie Howell, featuring the stories of crafters from all over the world. This site came out one year before the publish date to not only promote the book but also… Read more »


I have been so so so busy that the blog has been about #2000 on the priority list. But I wanted to tell you about what I have been doing almost exclusively lately – WordPress sites! When I first learned WordPress, it was really just so that I could  have an alternative blog platform to… Read more »

Web Site I Want You All to See

I have not been able to keep up with updating my blog to show off my latest projects, but I will, I will. However I created one today that is very important to me. I hope you will all visit and do what you can to help. My friend Kari’s wee baby Isaac (who we… Read more »

A Public Service Announcement about Internet Explorer

Today, instead of lecturing about what you should and should not want in a web site, I am going to lecture you on what you use to view web sites. First, 3 questions: Are you on Windows right now? (If you are on a Mac, you can just ignore the rest of this post. You… Read more »

Odd Trio

I defy anyone to say that I am not versatile. Case in point: As I prepared to spotlight 3 of my latest sites today in my blog, I ended up with this Crazy Combo Meal: Hypnotherapist and Louisiana Saloon with a side order of Lifestyle Blog When I say that I customize for unique small… Read more »

Web Site Redesign!

Do you ever feel like you just HAVE to have a change? Well, that urge hit me earlier this week. I needed brightness, open space, fun! So I redesigned my web site. Ok, maybe it is not what the normal person would do under the circumstances, but it just about figures for me. Enjoy! Feeling… Read more »

The Budget Conundrum

When I consult with a new client, one of the questions on my list is “What is your budget?” About 1 in 5 people actually answer this question, but it is a pretty important one. I understand why people don’t want to answer it – they are afraid that if they say $2000, I will… Read more »

Services for Designers and Programmers, too!

Are you a graphic designer who wants to add web design to your offerings, but don’t have the coding skills?I can help! Create your design in Photoshop or Illustrator, maintain the layers, send me the fonts and the site specs, and I will build it for you! I can work directly with your client, or… Read more »

Scope Creep, Timelines, and Budgets

I wanted to do a post about Scope Creep a month ago, because it just sounded so appropriate for Halloween. 😉 However it is DUE to scope creep that I had no time a month ago, and now I am in the pre-holiday lull, so away! What is Scope Creep?When a new client comes to… Read more »