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Force Facebook and Twitter to take another look at your page

Have you ever posted a link to your website on Facebook or Twitter, seen a typo or something else you’d really like to change, made the changes to your page and posted again . . . and Facebook/Twitter is STILL showing the old info? Frustrating, right? This happens because to save time, Facebook and Twitter… Read more »

How to add a video to a WordPress post or page

A question that comes up a lot is “How do I upload a video to my website?” As I explain in the video below, the best thing you can do is upload it to YouTube or Vimeo instead, and then embed it on your site! Plugin mentioned in video: Hide YouTube Related Videos

How to Upload and Link to a PDF in WordPress

This is one of the top ten questions I get from clients! How do I link to a pdf? It’s really easy! You upload a pdf just like you would an image—by clicking on the Add Media button and dragging the pdf onto the screen. Once you have uploaded the file, you can give it… Read more »

Do you need SSL?

What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and is a security technology for encrypting information between a web server and a browser. You can tell if a site has SSL because it will have https:// before the domain name instead of plain http://. It will also have a green lock icon in the browser’s… Read more »

Google Now Gives Preference to Mobile-Friendly Sites

Maybe you’ve seen it on the news; maybe you’ve received an email from Google; or maybe this is the first you’ve heard of it! As of April 21, 2015, Google is now giving search rank preference ON SMARTPHONES to sites it considers “mobile-friendly.” What does this mean? It means that if you are searching on a… Read more » vs

When I tell prospective clients that I build all sites with WordPress, a fair number of them go to to research, which is smart! Research is good. Except . . . is not what I use. There are two different flavors of WordPress — they are both similar, created by the same people, and the… Read more »

Common WordPress Issues

WordPress is the best – really. It is amazingly flexible, expandable, SEO-friendly, and easy to use. That’s why I use it on almost every single site I build. But any web platform has its quirks, and WordPress is no exception. Plus — stuff happens. If you all of a sudden find that some aspect of your… Read more »

Ask Websy: Force Facebook to see changes to my website!

Dear Websy, I posted a link to my site on Facebook, and saw a typo in the description! I went back and fixed the typo on my web page, but Facebook can’t seem to get over it – it keeps showing the typo! What do I do? This is indeed really annoying, and happens to everyone eventually…. Read more »

Ask Websy : Check email with Gmail

Note: Updated 2019 Dear Websy, I have a nice email address through my hosting provider, but I hate their webmail. Can I check my email in Gmail? Yes! In order to do this, you will need to know your email username (it is almost always the full email address itself), password, and the POP server…. Read more »

Ask Websy : Credit Cards and Invoicing for Freelancers

Dear Websy, I am a freelancer and have always just sent my customers Paypal invoices, but lately everyone wants to pay with a credit card. I also have trouble keeping track of who owes me what. Dear Freelancer, I am going to tackle the second part of the questions first. Sending invoices and tracking payments… Read more »