Websites for Prolific Authors

I have written about websites for pre-published authors, debut authors, and established authors and how to organize them. But what if you have a LOT of books? 100+ books? That is a whole different story and challenge! When you are figuring out how to present this much work, you will need to decide: What is… Read more »

Websites for Established Authors

Last week I shared some websites we created for pre-published authors and for debut authors. This post is for established authors, those who have graduated from “debut” status and have now have multiple (or many!) books to present to the world. The main consideration is how we are going to organize them. All books on… Read more »

Websites for Debut Authors

I wrote last week about websites for pre-published authors. But what if that journey is over, and now, WOW! your book is PUBLISHED?! Your baby has finally been born, or will be very shortly. You have a cover! Edits are over! Advance copies are out in the world, and hopefully reviews are starting to come… Read more »

Websites for Pre-Published Authors

I create websites for everyone from aspiring, pre-published authors, all the way to authors with dozens or even hundreds of books! Writers frequently ask me when they need a website. Do they need to wait until they have a book deal? Until they have a cover? Until the book is available to order? Nobody is… Read more »

Out with the old, in with the NEW

Over these past long long long months of the pandemic, while we were (are) stuck at home, limiting contact, going a little stir crazy, we all had to find ways to fill our time and give it purpose. Some people baked all of the bread. Some finally got through that pile of books on the… Read more »

The Authors of 2014: Part Three

The final four of 2014! If you missed them, here are Parts One and Two. Nikki Loftin Nikki Loftin is a Texas-based author of three novels: The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy, where the students begin to wonder just what exactly they are being fattened up for; Nightingale’s Nest, the story of a boy who… Read more »

The Authors of 2014: Part Two

Day two of the the Websy author sites of 2014 . . . let’s roll! Laurie Saurborn Young Laurie Saurborn Young is a writer, poet, photographer, and teacherĀ in Austin, Texas. She does it all! This site is a hub for all her work, and she neededĀ something clean and elegant to serve as the canvas. I… Read more »

The Authors of 2014: Part One

I am not shy about admitting that I LOVE to create author sites. A) I love to read, and am amazed by the ability to weave words, whether for a toddler, a teen, or an old coot like me, and B) it is so much fun to create a design that captures an author’s personality… Read more »