2013 Websy Daisy Wrap Up!

I clearly don’t blog often . . . but I wanted to take a break and a breath and look back over 2013 before I get geared up to start the new year! First, I have created more than 50 new websites this year! In 2013, I have had the honor of creating sites for artists,… Read more »

Going Email Only

I’ve been freelancing for over 8 years, and over those years I have been constantly fine-tuning and adjusting the way I run and conduct business in order to: A. Provide my clients with the best possible service. B. Maintain some life balance for myself. C. Be as efficient as possible without sacrificing A or B…. Read more »

Less waiting, if you hurry!

I had a verrrrry busy fall. Wow. So busy. I had so much work coming in that I was booking sites 3-4 months out! This was great – when you are self-employed, a bonanza like that gives a really nice sense of security. However, I also felt bad making people wait so long for a… Read more »

Websy Daisy Redesign 2011

Wow, I have not blogged in over 3 months! But believe me, I have wanted to – lots of new sites to show off, lots of news to share. But for some reason, during once of my busiest seasons ever, I got the uncontrollable hankering to not just redesign my own web site, but to… Read more »

OT: Save TX Schools

I try to keep my blog posts focused on web sites, but sometimes, I just have to stray a bit. When it is really important. And this is REALLY important. And actually, when you get down to it, there ARE 2 websites involved, and I did create both of them. So perhaps I have not… Read more »

Portfolio Updated

I have been so crazy busy the past few months with work, for which I am very very thankful. I so appreciate all the referrals I have had from my clients, as these economic times make us self-employed sorts a wee bit nervous. An unfortunate side effect of all this work is that my own… Read more »

Why I’m not Crafty / Crafty Special

People tend to assume I’m crafty. It makes sense. The evidence is all there: 1. Most of my friends are crafty. BFF and major-league knitster Vickie Howell taught me to knit while I was in nesting mode with my second son. She has written 4 books and everything! I get inspired occasionally and pull out… Read more »

Call Me Old-Fashioned

There has been a trend going on – well, for a while now – in web sites. It started with Flash but has moved into the world of html—itty bitty web pages with ittier-bittier light-grey type. I understand why people want web pages with no scrolling – I do. It looks nice. If done well,… Read more »

This One’s for Me!

We all know the mom whose kids dress and eat better than they do. (Ok, that’s me, but I digress.) I’ve known car salesmen who drive junkers, writers who never have the time to read, and chefs who never cook at home. Sometimes that is how I am about my business – I spend so… Read more »