OT: Save TX Schools

I try to keep my blog posts focused on web sites, but sometimes, I just have to stray a bit. When it is really important. And this is REALLY important. And actually, when you get down to it, there ARE 2 websites involved, and I did create both of them. So perhaps I have not… Read more »

New(ish) Sites

I am bound and determined to get this updated with all of my latest projects – some of these are a few months old, but I don’t want to neglect anyone. Comforts of Home http://comfortsofhomeshop.com I originally did the web site for this Elko, Nevada-based retailer way back in 2006. As you may have noticed,… Read more »

So What’s New?

As usual, I have let my “New Sites” update wait for far too long and thus I have far too many for one post. Check back for another installment soon . . . Following are some of the web sites I have had the privilege to build over the last few months. Every single one… Read more »

WordPress Strikes Again (Part 3 of 3)

Gwendolyn Zepeda


Gwendolyn Zepeda is a Latina author who has published 3 novels and 2 award-winning bilingual picture books. She provided the photo for the home page, which is overlaid with rotating quotes from reviews of her work. She wanted clean and simple. With her previous site, the blog was at a separate location with a different design, so we brought it all together into one site to make it all more cohesive and easier for her to manage.

WordPress Strikes Again (Part 2 of 3)

Picking up where I left off in Part 1: Lo and Behold Antiques http://loandbeholdantiques.com/ Lo and Behold owner Mike Mller scours the country for all objects odd, mysterious, fun, and unusual. Since his inventory changes often, he needed it be be easy for him to update his slideshows. He wanted this site to be driven… Read more »

WordPress Strikes Again (Part 1 of 3)

A month or so ago, I proposed to a potential client that we build her site in WordPress, and she bluntly replied, “Absolutely not! I do NOT want a blog. I just want to be able to edit my own content.” To which I repeated “Then let’s build it in WordPress.” I keep beating the… Read more »

Portfolio Update and New Sites

I had some free time this morning and finally updated my portfolio with some of the sites I have had the privilege to build over the past few months. Today I wanted to feature 5 of my newest WordPress sites: Austin Craft Mafia The ladies at Austin Craft Mafia wanted a clean, open design that… Read more »

How I Spent My Summer: Part 3

Lauren Tree Jewelry features the jewelry designs of artist Kensley Lauren Greuter. The jewelry is beautiful and organic and needed a site to match. Notice the scrolling galleries throughout.

How I Spent My Summer: Part 2

Yesterday I featured the web sites I created for 3 writers/authors this summer. Today, I want to show off the many WordPress sites I was entrusted with creating. As I have said before, I love WordPress. It is powerful and flexible and lets you edit the content yourself whenever you feel the urge. Real Brazil… Read more »

How I Spent My Summer: Part 1

It has been a VERY PRODUCTIVE summer! I have been a busy bee creating web sites, all while keeping my kids entertained. I have occasionally felt like this guy: But for the most part I was able to keep all the bricks on my head. I wanted to share what all I have been working… Read more »

WordPress Part 2

Following up on yesterday’s post, some more recent sites I have done with WordPress: Craft Corps is a new book coming out next year from Vickie Howell, featuring the stories of crafters from all over the world. This site came out one year before the publish date to not only promote the book but also… Read more »


I have been so so so busy that the blog has been about #2000 on the priority list. But I wanted to tell you about what I have been doing almost exclusively lately – WordPress sites! When I first learned WordPress, it was really just so that I could  have an alternative blog platform to… Read more »