Web Site I Want You All to See

I have not been able to keep up with updating my blog to show off my latest projects, but I will, I will. However I created one today that is very important to me. I hope you will all visit and do what you can to help. My friend Kari’s wee baby Isaac (who we… Read more »

Odd Trio

I defy anyone to say that I am not versatile. Case in point: As I prepared to spotlight 3 of my latest sites today in my blog, I ended up with this Crazy Combo Meal: Hypnotherapist and Louisiana Saloon with a side order of Lifestyle Blog When I say that I customize for unique small… Read more »

More New Sites and Mascot, too!

Abi Tapia is a local singer/songwriter who was about to release a new album and needed a new site to match. She sent me lots of great photos to work with, and after a few tries, we ended up with this colorful “birds on a fence” number. I like it because it looks clean and bright but still interesting. I also did the blog on this one. Hope she uses it more than I do mine. 😉

Miss me?

I always preach to people that they need to keep up with their blog. And then I let mine languish. Just do as I say people! What can I say, it has been a crazy couple of months. I have been doing lots of web sites, and it is a good thing since I got… Read more »