Collaborative Projects

For most of my projects, I both design and build the site, but I also work with several designers who create beautiful designs and need someone to bring those designs to life! I don’t add these sites to my portfolio because I don’t want to misrepresent them as my own design work, but they definitely deserve some attention, so I wanted to highlight a few of them here.

The following sites were all designed by Alison Sauter of APSauter Design. She has done design work for such big name brands as Whole Foods and Snapple. Previously based in San Diego, CA, she is now living in Austin, Texas, and does really beautiful work.


This is the first site that Allison and I worked on together. Nurturme invented and markets an innovative product – quick-dried, all-organic, preservative free fruits and veggies for babies and toddlers. Just add water or breast milk and you are ready for meal time! Allison’s design is clean, bright, and modern, and the large volume of content is well-organized to make the site easy to navigate. There is even a fun recipe section complete with pop-up printable recipes, including instructional videos!




FXFit provides fitness classes, camps, and personal training services in Austin, Texas. The design is crisp and sophisticated, and manages to make a huge amount of information really easy to navigate. It presents this fitness team as the top-notch professionals that they are.



Simple Squares

Kimberly Dobbins created Simple Squares when she herself needed a whole-food, simple snack. Simple Squares come in 6 flavors, contain only 5 ingredients, and have no syrups, fillers or preservatives. Allison designed a site that really encompasses the Simple Squares brand Рevoking organic, simple goodness. In addition to the informational side of the site, I also set up the eCommerce store in BigCommerce, which seamlessly continues the branding and user experience.