Less waiting, if you hurry!

I had a verrrrry busy fall. Wow. So busy. I had so much work coming in that I was booking sites 3-4 months out! This was great – when you are self-employed, a bonanza like that gives a really nice sense of security. However, I also felt bad making people wait so long for a web site. I was having to turn down projects that I would have really loved to do, just because I knew I could not get them done as quickly as was needed.

So I buckled down and started working double and triple time to get to clients’ projects sooner. I streamlined a lot of my day-to-day administration work so that I could spend more time creating beautiful web sites. And finally, finally, I am just about caught up!

This means that ┬ámy schedule is now back to a more normal 2-3 week wait. <insert sigh of relief> That makes this the perfect time to get on my schedule – almost no waiting and instant gratification!

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