NOTE: Google is now prioritizing websites that are “mobile friendly” in searches performed on smartphones. Google likes both of the methods I list below, and does not have a preference of one over the other. 

If you need your site to be mobile-friendly, i.e., people will be able to read your content with no zooming or panning on mobile devices, I offer two options. Note that in both options, the exact same content is delivered, so any future edits to content will only need to made once.

Responsive Design

In a responsive design, the website adjusts and shifts elements as the screen gets narrower or wider. This website is a responsive site — if you are on a desktop, try dragging your browser window narrower and wider and see what happens!

Responsive design provides an optimal view of site on every size of device, including tablets.

I now create all new and redesigned websites to be responsive.

If you have an older, non-responsive site, it may be possible to rebuild it to be responsive, however the feasibility of this depends on the design. It does require an almost complete rebuild of the theme. For sites that are not ready for a redesign, I recommend the alternate option below, as it is easier and thus more affordable.

Alternate  Mobile Version

If you already have a WordPress site and are not interested/ready to redesign or rebuild it, but still need to get Google’s mobile-friendly thumbs-up, I can create a simple alternate version of your site specifically for smartphones. All of the same content is delivered.

This allows you to get the benefits of a mobile-friendly site without needing to start from scratch.

The additional cost for creating a mobile site with alternate styles typically runs anywhere from $300-$500, depending on the size and complexity of the site.