Please click here if you are commissioning art from an illustrator!

Note: Please make sure you look at my portfolio to see the kind of work I do. I do not do any kind of animation. I create simple, clean, uniquely custom websites. If you are wanting features or design that are not represented in my portfolio, please send me examples before signing a contract, as I want to be sure it is something I can do for you and that I am the best fit for you.

You might notice that a lot of my websites, especially author websites, use cool illustration, or maybe one amazing photo, as the basis of the design. I can take almost anything and create a website design out of it.

HOWEVER, I am not an illustrator. Or a photographer. So where do those starting-points for my designs come from?

Sometimes an author is allowed to use illustrations from their books and I take pieces from various things and put them all together:

Or sometimes they send me one primary image that they found or bought and love and I create a design around it:

Sometimes they contact an illustrator and commission an illustration to provide (here is some helpful guidance if you go this route):

Sometimes they send me a bunch of links to things they like on stock sites (like istock or shutterstock), and I figure out what I can turn into something:

And then sometimes it is even some combination of the above!