Out with the old, in with the NEW

Over these past long long long months of the pandemic, while we were (are) stuck at home, limiting contact, going a little stir crazy, we all had to find ways to fill our time and give it purpose. Some people baked all of the bread. Some finally got through that pile of books on the nightstand. Some organized every single closet.

I gardened. I gardened like I have never gardened before. I ripped up old beds, created new beds, and planted ALL of the things. I find gardening to be uniquely cathartic and grounding, getting sweaty and dirty ripping out the old things to make way for the new. It kept me motivated to keep chugging along … and along … and along …

But September in Texas is a tough one for gardening. HOT. Humid. No rain in sight. So I finally tackled another project that has been begging to be done:

Our New Website!

It’s been almost 6 years since I last redesigned our site — it feels like just yesterday, but six years is a long time in web world. I am always so busy building websites for others that our own site tends to be sorely neglected. So I finally booked time on my schedule to tackle a complete overhaul — greatly simplifying and paring down the site to make it easier to navigate and easier to keep updated. With a nod to the gardens that kept me going all this long year (and a half, and counting) long.

How About You?

So far this year, we have performed six of what we call Websy Reboots (and still have 5 left to do this year!)—i.e., we take a website we built for a client years ago and redesign it from scratch! We still loved the old sites, but the web changes, and people’s needs change, so sometimes, you have to stop making do and shake things up!  View the before and afters below, and contact us if you are ready for a reboot of your own!


Thank you for reading! Be careful out there, wear your mask, and get in touch if you need anything!

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