Post-Thanksgiving Schedule Update!

I hope you had a glorious Thanksgiving full of friends, family, and food, or enjoyed a lazy day on the couch with old movies, or at the very least made it to the end of the day without any visits to the ER. I am, as always, ever so thankful for all of you!

Many people have been emailing me to check on my upcoming schedule, and things have been kind of crazy, so wanted to just send out a mass update.

My schedule for full projects:

Updated Jan 10, 2020: i.e., brand new websites and full reboots (redesign and rebuild) of existing websites is booked until Late-April 2020! If you are needing to get on my schedule in the spring for a new website or full reboot, please get in touch soon.

I am also scheduling spots for mini-projects:

Mini-projects include:

  • A verrrry small new website, 3 pages or less, no big fancy features
  • A Responsive Rebuild:  (For Websy Daisy sites only, with some exceptions) If you still love your site’s design, but it is older and hence not mobile friendly, I can completely rebuild it so that it looks the same on a desktop, but responds to any smaller screen size to keep the text legible with no panning or zooming. This makes Google and your site visitors happy, as more than half of all web browsing is now done on mobile devices! It costs about half of what a new site would, since I am not creating a new design.
  • Major site updates: (For Websy Daisy sites only, with some exceptions) If you are keeping your site design and don’t want/need a responsive rebuild, BUT you do have a big long list of changes to be made to your site, new pages, new sections, rearranging, etc, stuff that will require a few days for me to get through, then I can schedule it into one of these smaller spots.

Update September 10, 2021: We are currently fully booked until February 2022