Natalie Lloyd

Natalie Lloyd is the author of The Problim Children series, New York Times Best Seller A Snicker of Magic, and two more amazing books for young readers.

Edward Carey

Edward Carey is the author and illustrator who brought us the wildly inventive Iremonger Trilogy. With the upcoming release of his highly-anticipated book Little, we gave his website a total makeover.

Charlotte Sullivan Wild

Charlotte Sullivan WIld is the author of THE AMAZING IDEA OF YOU, coming in February 2019. We were able to use some of illustrator Mary Lundquist’s artwork in the site design.

Lindsay Leslie

Lindsay is the author of two picture books slated for release in 2019, This Book Is Spineless and Nova the Star Eater. Illustrations used in the design are from Alice Brereton.  

Kristin Mahoney

Kristin Mahoney is the author of two novels for young adults, including Annie’s Life in Lists, released in 2018.

Meredith Rusu

Meredith is the author of dozens of books for preschoolers through young adults, including many titles for Disney, Lego, and Star Wars!

Sheri Dillard

Sheri Dillard is the author of the children’s book, Cowhide-and-Seek, scheduled for release in 2019. We were lucky to be able to use the adorable book illustrations for her design!

Mary Jane Black

Mary Jane Black is the author of Kick Ass Harley: A Memoir of Love and Motorcycles, the story of her escape from a bad marriage to her life on a Harley.

Elizabeth McCracken

We created Elizabeth McCracken’s website back in 2013, and 5 years later, kept the things she still loved, but modernized the whole site for 2018.

Ninth Planet Press

Ninth Planet Press is a unique independent publishing company in Austin TX, which specializes in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Karen Jameson

Karen Jameson is a children’s book author, and has two books srt for release in 2019 and 2020!

Typewriter Rodeo

Typewriter Rodeo is the brainchild of four Austin poets who just wanted to MAKE something. And a very unique something it turned out to be! The Typewriter Rodeo creates one-of-a-kind, spontaneous poetry at festivals, parties, weddings, and more. AND they just released a book, too! They need a new website to really show what they… Read more »