Babysitting Nightmares

I created an author site for Kat Shepherd last year as she prepared to launch her new series. As the first book’s release date approaches, we creates a new site specifically for the series, called Babysitting Nightmares. The design features artwork from the cover, and the site includes fun features like a “Which Team Nightmares… Read more »

Crystal Chan

Crystal Chan is the author of two novels, as well as a public speaker who specializes in diversity talks, and a storyteller on public radio! She needed a new website that better encompassed and presented all of her roles, with a clean, professional, and mobile-friendly design.

Alison Goldberg

Alison Goldberg is the author of a new picture book, I Love you for Miles and Miles. She provided a drawing of a whale and we put that together with a gorgeous blue background to create a unique, mobile-friendly design.

Hayley Barrett

Halyley Barrett is the author of two picture books coming out in 2019 and one scheduled for 2020. She wanted a nature-themed site, with a meadow and wildflowers. A sweet bee rounds out the theme. The site is ready for her book covers when they are released, and it’s all mobile-friendly.

Jen Barton

Jen Barton is the author of four books for kids, including two biographies, a picture book, and a novel. Using fun illustrations, colors, fonts, and some surprise hover animations, we created a mobile-friendly site that will be appealing to readers of all ages.

Katherine Marsh

Katherine Marsh is the author of 5 novels, with her latest being released in august 2018. She was able to provide a beautiful illustration from Lizzy Stewart, which we took to inspire a lovely, and mobile-responsive, design that complements and introduces her latest work.

Susan Tan

Susan Tan is the author of the semi-autobiographical Cilla Lee-Jenkins series of novels for kids. She was able to provide some wonderful illustrations by Dana Wulfekotte, and we took those and created a fun, mobile-friendly design!

Varian Johnson

I originally created a site for Varian way back in 2008! In 2014, we did a refresh, changed up some colors and layout, to better match a new book series. Now in 2018, with another new series coming out, we decided to just start over with a completely new look, new layout, all new design,… Read more »

Kekla Magoon

This site combines two of my favorite things: authors and makeovers! I first created a site for Kekla many many years ago, and it was time to shake things up. We created a new, mobile-friendly site with organization that works better for where she is in her writing journey today.

Patricia Vermillion

Patricia Vermillion is the author of two books for kids, Hound Dawg, and Texas Chili, Oh My! With a new book coming out in 2019, she was ready for a brand new website, with a fresher design and ready for the new age of mobile viewing!

Laurie Warchol

Laurie is a new author who loves writing children’s books about nature and the environment, so we made sure her design reflected that. Her site needed to introduce her self as an author as she prepares to publish her first book!

Kathleen Doherty

Kathleen Doherty is a new author with one children’s book published in April 2018, and another on the way. She needed a site to show her past writing for children’s publications, introduce herself as an author, and most importantly, share her new work.