Marty Crisp

Marty Crisp is an author and dog-lover re-entering the world of publishing. She needed a new website to re-introduce herself to the world! She was able to obtain permission to use an illustration from the old reader “Run, Spot, Run!” which we used to bring together two of her favorite things: books and dogs!

Ann Finkelstein

Ann Finkelstein is the author of an upcoming young-adult thriller, and needed a website to start to establish her online presence before its release. She wanted something very clean and open and uncluttered, all in a mobile-friendly format.

Daphne Kalmar

Daphne Kalmar’s debut middle-grade novel, A Stitch in Time, will be released in June 19, 2018. The book features taxidermied animals, so we gave those animals a featured spot in the design, as well as rich colors and fonts that complement her book’s cover.

Andrea Wang

Andrea Wang is the author of 2 picture books and a variety of books for library series. She pointed us to a particular style she liked and the illustrations used for her navigation, and we took the design from there!  

Lisa Robinson

Lisa Robinson is the author of three books set to hit the shelves in 2019. She provided an image by illustrator Melanie Siegel, which we adapted into an elegant and unique web design.

Rob Kutner

Rob Kutner is a comedy writer who writes for “Conan” and the author of the satirical end-of-times bestseller Apocalypse How: Turn the End Times into the Best of Times! and the Amazon Kindle e-bestseller/Audible audiobook The Future According to Me. He needed a site to feature his wide array of work, including his many comedy videos and other… Read more »

Mr. Mouthful

Mr. Mouthful is the first book for author Joseph Kimble and illustrator Kerry Bell. We were able to use many fun illustrations from the book in order to build a completely custom design.

Ann Braden

Ann Braden is the author of the upcoming Zoe and the Screaming Monkeys. She sent me a bunch of doodles that I took and implemented into a creative and colorful design.

Cynthia Levinson

Cynthia Levinson writes amazing non-fiction for young readers. We actually created her first site years ago, but it was time for a makeover to bring her site all up to date and mobile responsive!

Janet Fox

Janet Fox is the author of 8 books including The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle, for which we created its own dedicated website. This new site is a more general author site, and the two sites serve as a great example of the difference between presenting yourself as an author and presenting a specific book.

Kathi Hansen

Kathi is an author, previously of short stories but has novels in her creative pipeline. She needed a simple, professional, and appealing website to prepare for her transition as an author.

Laurie Morrison

Laurie Morrison is the author of 2 upcoming novels for middle graders, and needed a new site with her old blog integrated. She provided illustrations created for her by Fred Kogan, and I built a site with them to highlight and feature her new work.