Lisa Rose

Lisa Rose is the author of the picture book Shmulik Paints the Town, about an artist and his dog preparing a park for Israeli Independence Day. Lisa has a lot of supporting materials and needed a way to organize them into a site that was fun, colorful, appealing to younger readers, and easy for parents… Read more »

Helena Ku Rhee

Helena Ku Rhee’s The Turtle Ship, a picture book about a boy who saves his embattled country by designing a ship that resembles his pet turtle, is scheduled to be released in late 2018. The site design was inspired by Helena’s love of travel!

Anna Crowley Redding

Anna Crowley Redding is a former investigative TV reporter who had a dream to write for young readers! Her first book, the non-fiction Google IT!, will be released in 2018.

Beep and Bob

Beep and Bob are the creative invention of author Jonathan Roth, and are the stars of 4 books scheduled to be released beginning in March 2018. Beep and Bob’s website is set in space with fun things to do and see floating all around!

Darcey Rosenblatt

Darcey is the author of books for middle grade and young adult readers. Her debut novel Lost Boys comes out August 2017! She might also really love octopuses, hence the tentacle-y design.

Jacob Sager Weinstein

Jacob Sager Weinstein is the author of several books for adults and a number of short pieces for The New Yorker and other publications. An he now enters the words of books for young people, he needed a site that was more kid-friendly. We were able to use some of the artwork created for the… Read more »

Calista Brill

Calista Brill is a writer and editor based in New York City. She is the author of Little Wing Learns to Fly as well as her latest, Tugboat Bill and the River Rescue. We were so fortunate to be allowed to use illustrations from Tugboat for her design!

Kat Shepherd

Kat Shepherd is a writer and educator, with a book series on the way! She needed a website to be ready when her books are released, but also able to highlight her as an author until then.  

R.W. Alley

R.W. (aka Bob) Alley has been the official illustrator of Paddington Bear for the past 20 years! He is also the illustrator for Garth Stein’s Enzo books, the popular Elf-Help Books, and many more, including books written by his wife, Zoe B. Alley, and books written by himself! With such a huge body of work,… Read more »

Petra Okeke

Petra is my first Canadian! And my first client from Nigeria! She is the author of The Promise Under the Iroko Tree, and has more books on the horizon. She needed a website to show what she is doing now, and have room to grow as she adds to her body of work!

Megan Atwood

Megan (AKA M.C.) is the author of books for both young readers and young adults. It can be tricky designing a site that is appealing to different age groups, so we created a design with a bit of a magical vibe.

Katherine Moore

Katherine Moore is a professional editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach who needed a new website to direct clients for more information.