Village Wayside

Village Wayside Bar & Grill is located in a historic train depot in Asheville, North Carolina. They needed a site to feature their food and have an easy-to-edit menu. The provided the art from their physical menus and requested a site to match!


TacoBilly is the newest sensation on the Asheville food scene, offering up delicious, fresh, locally-sourced tacos inspired by the local abuelitas and street taco vendors from their years living in southern Mexico.  They needed a site that was clean and simple, which would get their visitors the most important information quickly, especially on mobile devices!

Salvation Pizza

Salvation Pizza, located in Austin’s Hyde Park neighborhood, serves New Haven-style pizza, known for a thin, hand-pounded crust with a distinctive snap and crunch. They had a website that was serviceable, but lacked personality and was difficult to maintain. Plus, they had two new locations in progress, so they wanted to start with a whole new site. We… Read more »

Majek Vineyard and Winery

Majek Vineyard and Winery is a family affair in Moravia, Texas. They wanted a design that was really different from the typical “grapes and wine bottles” theme of most winery web sites. With a beautiful and bold logo designed by Rachel Titsworth, I used different textures and their signature colors to create a site that… Read more »

Elite Chefs of Austin

Leslie Haak is the head chef and owner of Elite Chefs of Austin – which offers high-end private chef services in Austin, TX. She wanted a design that was modern and sophisticated that would appeal to her target clientele. a clean but bright color scheme and subtle design elements tell you what the business is… Read more »

Austin Veggie Chef

Leslie Haak is the head chef and owner of Austin Veggie Chef – which offers upscale personal chef services, catering, private dinners, and health coaching in Austin, Texas. She needed a new web design that featured their biggest asset – their food! We chose colors and typography to evoke images of healthy, modern cuisine, and… Read more »

EatStreet Personal Chef Service

Austin’s Pamela Nevarez-Fisher is a personal chef who needed a fresh, clean site to feature her services and photos, and she needed to be able to update her menus and press. WordPress was the perfect solution!