Andrew Saldaña

Andrew Saldaña is an Austin-based artists and art professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He was looking for a clean and open site where his artwork could be the focus. We organized his artwork into Galleries and set up clean and simple slideshows to feature the pieces. We also built a store to… Read more »

Terra Firma Studios

Aly Winngham is the owner and artist of Terra Firma Studios, located just outside Austin in Cedar Creek, Texas.  As I went through her photos of her mosaic work, I was just WOWED. She is amazingly talented, and I now wish I could just have her mosaic my whole house. And my kids are impressed… Read more »

Sally Weiner

Sally Weiner is a painter and photographer who lives in Chicago, Illinois. She takes these amazing photos of crystalline rocks through a microscope! She also paints portraits from photos, creating beautiful art depicting kids, a favorite pet, or a loved one you remember fondly. The key word for this site was clean clean clean, to… Read more »