SE-NO Part 3: Blogging for SEO

blogIn Part 1, I told you why “Being #1 in Google” doesn’t mean anything, and explain why.

In Part 2, I told you why you need to focus on attracting people instead of driving traffic.

A large part of what was discussed in the above posts was about having relevant content on your site, and a blog CAN be a great way to deliver that content. But there are lots of caveats to that.

Will you make time?

If you are using a blog to not just deliver news, but to actually provide useful content and potentially help with search engines, then you need to do it consistently. One post every 6 months is not going to cut it. There is no magic formula, but if you can’t find the time to blog at least a few times a month, then just know that you are not going to build an audience, and you are not really providing much useful content.

Do you have anything to say?

Don’t blog just because someone told you that you have to for SEO. You have to have something useful to say, interesting to share, information to provide, entertainment to bestow. You should not just post random, rushed junk content to keep it updated. Quality content is much more important than quantity. If you sit down right now and can’t think of 3 or 4 things off the top of your head that would be useful to share with your visitors, then you may not be able to provide enough quality content to make it worth the time.

Can you write?

Be honest with yourself here. You do not need to be a professional writer – but you should have some basic writing skills and be able to turn out interesting content. Or have someone on staff or hire someone who can. If people come to your site and read a blog post that is poorly written, it won’t reflect well on your business.

The best blogger is going to be someone who loves to write and can come up with interesting, informative content at least once a week. Note that I myself don’t post anywhere close to that often, but I am not really trying to build an audience or boost SEO. I write when I feel the itch and have something to share.

How to write it

I could write a long post about writing a great blog post SEO services recommend to do, but I think the following article really covers it well, so I will not repeat it all here:

Blogging for SEO

But remember, first and foremost you must be providing useful, relevant content, or else the rest really doesn’t matter. If you really feel inept with the SEO portion of your blogging responsibilities, outsourcing to companies like YEAH Local in your area is a wise move. Delegation is a rare and valuable skill to hone.

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