Four Small Business Website Makeovers of 2018

In Part 1 of my 2018 Wrap Up, I showed off five Author Website Makeovers! But those aren’t the only makeovers I’ve been excited to do this year. I’ve also transformed eight of my Small Business websites!

(Note that I create websites all the time for people who already had a site before — I only consider it a Makeover if I am redesigning a site that I originally built.)

Check out four of these total website reboots below. Ready for your own brand spanking new website, or a makeover of a current site? Send us a message!

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Explore in Focus

Explore in Focus is the site of Jeff Parker, a nature and wildlife photographer who leads photo tours and workshops around the world! I originally built his site in 2013, with a fun and unique design. But over time, it became clear that his potential attendees needed better ways to find his tours and a more immediate view of his beautiful photography. I rebuild it with large photos featured on the home page and throughout; ways to search tours by date, type, and region; and colorful tabs to make it easy to see which tours were already full and which were filling up fast. View the site here.




On Task

I created the first website for On Task Naturally in 2010! We’ve made some tweaks along the way, but 8 years later, it was time for a total makeover, totally mobile-friendly, and a better ecommerce experience.


Go Flip Yourself

We created the website for Go Flip Yourself, a unique company that brings a flipbook studio to events, way back in 2011. Seven years later, we got the chance to give them a complete, mobile-responsive, makeover!


Lake Pointe Dental

I first created a website for Dr. Holly Murphy’s dental practice in 2011, and 7 years later, a makeover was definitely in order! A clean, modern design with large photos gives them a fresh, professional look.


Stay tuned for more small business makeovers, and a whole slew of new author and small business sites!

I would LOVE to see your site featured here this time next year!! Contact us for a quote on a custom-designed website!

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