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I am so glad I went with websydaisy for my website design. Jenny was amazing! She’s a talented designer with a very thoughtful approach. She really captured the look and feel I wanted, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve already received numerous compliments from fellow writers, artists, friends, family. The level of communication was great — enough info to keep non-techie me informed and educated, yet not so much that I felt overwhelmed. Also, the preliminary instructions as well as the follow-up tutorial are very clear and helpful. With the info provided, I feel like I’m well equipped to add content and make adjustments to my website. It was a seamless process from start to finish, and I love that Jenny is readily available afterwards to answer any questions, provide guidance and make design tweaks.


Jenny and her team are professional, creative and so fast. I love my website, and I’m so grateful I found them. Thank you for all your help!


Jenny was an amazing person to work with! She and her staff were quick to respond and produced a wonderful author website for me!


I absolutely cannot say enough about Jenny — her vision, design sense, patience, kindness, and professionalism. This was an amazing experience; I’ll recommend her to anyone!!


Fast, professional, super responsive, and created a marvelous site. Exactly what I was looking for!


Very creative and responsive. Every website is custom-designed and just right for each person.


Absolutely outstanding on communication, accommodation, execution, and coordination to produce higher than expected digital products. Terrific at troubleshooting and solving problems throughout the process, and VERY timely and realistic estimates and contract adherence. Can’t imagine anything better.


Jennifer is professional and efficient, and she has a lot of experience with author websites. She also has a great eye for design and the ability to take an array of photos and information and make it into an attractive, cohesive whole!


Very organized and extremely responsive. Her ideas were terrific and she created something beautiful that I love. She was willing to make changes and was frank about what would and would not work.

Author, Visit House Museums

Jenny was very responsive to all of my many questions and requests. She redesigned my website and took care of all the technical issues. She worked quickly and in a professional manner. She met all of my expectations. As a non-technical person, I am happy to know that Jenny is there to answer ongoing questions and to help maintain my website going forward. Job well done!


Jenny was super-organized and efficient, making the web design process entirely painless, and I’m thrilled with the result. Thanks!


It was a pleasure working with Jenny Medford. She is extremely talented and detail-oriented. I love the professional look of my website!


Websy Daisy came recommended to me by another author, and I will heartily recommend them to other author and illustrator friends. Jenny took my vision for a website and delivered exactly what I had in mind (without all the disastrous technical glitches that would have come if I had tried to do it myself). She also made it easy for me to update myself, which is no small feat. Thanks to Websy Daisy, my site is clean, simple, fun and functional.


Jennifer has a great eye for design and color. I really appreciated getting detailed instructions prior to her starting work, as well as mock-ups to review before she proceeded with building the site. She was timely, efficient, communicative, and overall a complete pleasure to work with. I couldn’t be happier with the end result! Thank you, Jenny!


Working with Jenny at Websydaisy was amazing. I had high expectations going in based on the recommendations I’d gotten from others, and the actual experience surpassed them. She was so fast and responsive and thorough and helpful that it blew me away. The most exciting part, though, was how she was able to take my vision from words to images — and really make it work.


Jenny’s a dream to work with. Creative, professional, responsive, and intelligent. All my future website design work will go to her – and I’ll happily send all friends and colleagues her direction.


The author website Websy Daisy created for me is absolutely enchanting! I approached Jenny with some hazy ideas of the theme and possible visual elements I thought would suit my site and she polished those rough ideas, creating something magical! Thank you Jenny for your patience, expertise and creativity in working with me to put together my dream website.


Jennifer is really collaborative, and creativity is really effortless for her. She is a great listener and is patient. She goes above and beyond, and her words to me as I requested changes were: “I really want you to get what you want.” She is professional and establishes a working relationship and clear guidelines for the work process. I would definitely recommend her to others and will be working with her again in the future.

Vacation Gem

Jenny at WebsyDaisy did a tremendous job at creating a great web site and solving challenges with plug-in software needed for the web site. Jenny was very professional and solved all challenges in a timely manner. I highly recommend Jenny and WebsyDaisy.


Jenny was incredible to work with. She listened to exactly what I wanted and worked to understand what I needed, was very patient with me when I had changes to request, responded quickly to every message and request, and created the author site of my dreams. Thank you, Jenny!

North Fir Group

Clear guidelines on what is needed on client’s end, excellent email communications, pleasant vibe, swift service, and top-notch web-design skills.


Thank you for your patience, and expertise in designing a great web site.

Padded Paws ATX

Jenny rocks! I really had no idea what was involved in building a website and definitely didn’t know what to expect. Boy was I blown away! Jenny did an awesome job on my website. From the beginning to the end Jenny was always available, communicated clearly and responded in a timely manner.


Jenny thought carefully about what I wanted and then turned it around quickly and successfully. Jenny has loads of experience and she knows the ropes. Her company is very organized and I appreciated this a great deal. I put my trust in Websy Daisy and I’m so glad I did.

The Dirty Easel

Having Jenny build my website was a great experience. I am very happy with the final website and the way to get there was very professional and exceeded my expectations. Jenny is very efficient and responds to every email quickly. She takes my wishes very seriously and always finds a way to incorporate them. She understood which message I want to transport with my website and was able to find the right way to visualize my idea. I will recommend websydaisy to everybody who is looking for a unique and affordable website.

Designer and Lifestyle Writer

Being crafty and computer literate do not always go hand in hand. All I can say is thank God for Jenny. She has held my hand through transitions from Blogger to WordPress, reminded me when I needed to install updates and worked likety-split to answer any asinine question I might have. If I have a problem with my website (which are always problems I created) she has them fixed for me in a matter of minutes. I have worked with other website designers in the past and then after they cashed the check they were nowhere to be found. Jenny is ALWAYS there to help me.


Fast, Efficient, Creative. A business woman/internet guru/artist all rolled into one.


Jenny is easy to work with and does a superb job. The website is gorgeous, getting oohs and ahs from everyone. I would recommend her to anyone creating a new website.


Working with Jenny was a breeze! She is organized, clear, communicative, and on-time. Her work is beautiful too! She was able to design a site that looks absolutely gorgeous and that fell within my budget. I’m thrilled with the result.

Writer, Speaker, Guide

It was a pleasure to work with Jenny on my website. She’s a pro—aesthetics, accuracy, know-how and speed of execution were all terrific. I would hire her again, and would recommend her to others in need of a website.

Children’s Author

I absolutely adore my new website! I love the style, the usability, the colors – everything! It’s all that I hoped for and so much more. Thanks a million. I couldn’t be happier.


Jenny is AMAZING! She put together EXACTLY what I wanted in a website–and was really patient when I waffled on a couple of different directions I was thinking of going with it. I am so happy with my website!!

Pretty Funny Girl

Jenny was extraordinary! She built my dream website quickly and beautifully. Plus she sent me user friendly instructions on how to update the site myself. I couldn’t be a more satisfied customer!

Michelle Mattalino

I’ve hired Websy Daisy repeatedly over the last 7 years. Every time, I have been more than pleased and get such compliments on my web presence. I am thankful for the guidance and response from Websy Daisy. Hand’s down, the best that you can hire!

Children’s Author

I am in possession of my second Websy Daisy website now, and I love this one as much as the first! Jenny is not only a skilled and perceptive designer, she is quick as lightning and affordable. Her process is SO clear and organized and easily understood — even for someone with low tech-IQ — and she’s so present and responsive to her projects. I highly recommend Websy Daisy!

YA Author

Not only do you get top notch web design work from Websy Daisy, you get turn-key instructions on how to make updates yourself. I love being able to not screw up my site when I have to make a small change. Also, Jenny is super easy to talk to via email, and that makes the entire process, from conception to completion, so easy.

Arden Yingling

Working with Jenny was a great experience. She took my logo and vague “I don’t quite know what I want” instructions and built a lovely, easy to maintain website for my small business. She’s super efficient, patient, and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended!

Jenny’s designed a few websites for me over the past decade, and never disappoints. She’s smart, works fast, and is easy to communicate. Her site’s function well, and when there are hiccups she’s on top of the easiest and most cost effective solution. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone who needs a site designed and built!

Jenny made my first website around 10 years ago and I LOVED it! She was always available for updates as often as I needed them. Every time I needed it changed, or put on hold, she was right there to do it. Everything was always perfect. Thanks to Websy Daisy my business GREW!

Aly Winningham

I cant speak highly enough of this woman’s work. I love my website. Jenny not only is very talented at what she does, but she does it all very professionally and with a personal flare. I’m 110% happy with my web designer and recommend her to all my friends and associates.

Randy Lander

Websy Daisy designed the website for my business (Rogues Gallery Comics & Games) – took my scant specs and ideas and turned them into a professional, beautiful website that is easy to update on a weekly or even daily basis without too much work from me. Fast, super-affordable and talented – I highly recommend using Websy Daisy.

Jenny is brilliant! And so fast she literally made my head spin. My old website had been down for months due to some ‘tweaking’ that never got finished. I just didn’t click aesthetically with the people I’d hired to do the work and the project dragged on forever. Jenny was done building a whole new, gorgeous site in less than a week and it’s the best one I’ve ever had. I could not be happier with the experience.”

Kathie Sever

Jenny is super clear in her communication, always prompt and very, very good at what she does. She has worked with innumerable small businesses who may be new to web building and can assist in defining needs and cutting clutter. She’s also able to update and keep current sites for growing or evolving business. I’ve been working with Jenny for a decade and she has yet to ever leave me feeling anything but 200% happy to have her on my team!

Jennifer Worth

Our experience working with Jenny has been a wonderful one. She took all of our thoughts, ideas, and visions and made a website that not only reflects our business, but is user friendly and easy to navigate. Being small business owners, it was important to us to have a quality website, while still staying within our budget. We could not be more happy with how everything turned out. I would recommend Websy Daisy so any business, small or large.

Discovering Websy Daisy was key in moving forward in my quest for an up to date, integrated website. I appreciate Jenny’s professional, straight-forward approach. Not only is she fabulous at unifying a lot of eclectic material and presenting it in a clean, simple, elegant way, she is helpful and fast! Thank you Websy Daisy for a wonderful service, well worth the reasonable price I paid.

I cannot recommend websydaisy enough. Jenny put my website together with great imagination, vigour and wonder, and with speed too. I gave her what I had and she turned it into something much, much, much better than I could ever have imagined. She’s so easy to work with, utterly professional, and easy, and quite brilliant.

Kimberly Dobbins

Thank you Jenny! We are so pleased with the functionality and build out of our site. User friendly and technically savvy, we found Jenny created an environment that our customers were able to maneuver with ease. Additionally, the set up of our shopping cart is light years where it used to be and Jenny provided a host of options from which we could choose.

Robin Chotzinoff

I now realize that before I hired Jenny I was trying to wrangle spaghetti and was never going to succeed. She is SO ORGANIZED and SO CREATIVE and it is SO SOOTHING and such a relief. If you need a cool website that looks pro and that you can actually take care of yourself, you should get on Jenny’s schedule. This really was a wonderful experience and the price was a real bargain.

Rebecca Brannian

Jenny and Websydaisy were EXACTLY what we were looking for to update our website-we had been putting off updating our website for months because we didn’t want to deal with the “pain” of it all- but Jenny was so easy to work with and extremely quick in her turnaround time. My business is very hands-on and it is difficult for me to get away for person-to-person meetings – phone conversations are even tough – but communicating via email and the web through Jenny’s very detailed questions/forms was the perfect solution. She knows what she needs and how to help you tell her… even if you’re not sure exactly how to communicate it. Her first design was exactly what we were looking for – and she was available immediately for any ‘tweaks’ we needed or questions we had. And within hours of communicating the new website to our customers, we had all sorts of feedback on how awesome it was! All-in-all, working with Websydaisy was a first class experience and we are super grateful for the ease of it all!

Barbara Lamar

Jenny was easy to work with. Every time I had questions, she responded promptly and patiently with meaningful answers. She was ready to start on my site design exactly when she had said she would be, and she totally focused on my site and got it done quickly. When I asked for changes to be made, they were made right away, sometimes within a few minutes. I asked for a site that would be professional but at the same time friendly, and Jenny’s design has exactly the right balance. The cost was quite reasonable, in view of the exceptionally high quality of the work.

La Donna Lewis

Jenny it has been a true pleasure to work with you! Your professionalism, knowledge and efficiency are unparalleled. Our project was not the simplest to tackle and from the beginning you found ways to make it all come together and work. The site looks fabulous and thanks to you, it is much more user friendly. Although hesitant at first about a strictly email interaction, it was actually much easier and more time productive. We will most definitely recommend you to any and everyone who needs a fantastic website and a web developer that knows how to give not only what you ask for but goes above and beyond the highest of expectations!! Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!

Trish Huddleston

Jenny was absolutely incredible to work with. I was referred to her by a trusted friend who raved about her. Going on my friend’s referral, I gave Jenny a call. From beginning to end, she got my vision. That was so important to me because my business is somewhat off the beaten path and so is my personality! She followed through quickly with all my changes, kept me on track, and was reasonably priced to boot. I have handed her name out to many friends who have asked who i used because they love the site and think it reflects me and my business. I love that the site has been completed, but somewhat sad that the process of working with Jenny is over!!!

You so rock, fast, highly able, and a fierce sense of design. I will continue to use you for my website!!!”

Ian Cadena

Jenny is efficient and always a pleasure to work with. Excellent quality of work and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend to any business or person.

Gene Pierson

Jenny was great to work with. She made me a great website fast, and also offered continued support for basic questions regarding the website long after it was completed. I definitely would recommend websy daisy to someone looking to create a website.

Working with Jenny was a joy. She took great care to listen to my preferences for a website, including its purpose and look. From start to finish, she maintained the highest degree of professionalism, accessibility, and collaboration. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and will do so again. She has my highest endorsement!

I’m very pleased with the final result of my website, and working with Jenny was a pleasure. She was very fast, responsive to questions and feedback, and did a wonderful job designing my site. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

Carol Arnold

Jenny is very organized and efficient in producing a website. I liked the complete list of documents, graphics, etc. that were needed for the production and the lead time I was given to transfer the docs to the drop box. I was pleasantly surprised with a first look at the website which was right on target with the desires of the firm I was working with. Jenny was very responsive and easy to work with.

Jake Walther

I had a tiny budget and no clue as to what I was doing – Jenny still treated me like her most important customer and walked me through step by step! If everyone responded as quickly as she did to my hundreds of emails, this life would be a heck of a lot easier! I’ve already been getting tons of compliments on the new site! Thanks much!

Rachel Titsworth

I have hired Jenny Medford on several occasions to help bring my websites to life and would highly recommend her to anyone needing web design work. She is consistently responsive, professional, and very knowledgeable about all things web design. In addition to hiring her for my own projects, I have referred many of my clients to her and will definitely continue to do so. I’m so glad I found her!

Sarah Bird, Author

I could not have been happier. The design Jenny came up with was better than my sweetest dream of a website. The whole process was magic. Like, maybe, Jenny was reading not my mind but that other place where the actual GOOD ideas come from. Could not be happier.

Pamela Nevarex-Fisher

Well, first of all, you did an AMAZING web site for me, Jenny, and it’s paid for itself many times over…I LOVE it! AND, you did a knockout one for my hubby, Mark Fisher and the Howlinfish School of Guitar. It took his business up several notches…we’re very happy with it. We love you in our household!

Patrick Vescovo

As someone who went into this with very limited knowledge, working with Websy Daisy has been great. Jenny brings added creativity and clean, easy to use formats. The response from my customers has been great!

Beth Berry

Working with Jenny was a breath of fresh air. Professional, capable and personable, she understood my vision, helped me refine my ideas and made her job look easy. Not only did she build a site I love, she made sure I knew how to use it and never left me hanging. This gal’s the real deal…totally on top of her game.

Jessie Barton

Jenny is a joy to work with. We appreciate her creativity and ability to know exactly what we need in a web design – and she is fast!

Marion Sanchez

You are awesome! Perfect for a small business such as Estilo Communications.

Becky Hays

Jenny is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. She is there, every step of the way, leading you through the process, from start to finish. Jenny has designed all of my websites for years, because I know I can count on her to offer feedback and explain new technical issues as the industry continues to evolve. She is easy to collaborate with, and I know Jenny will take care of everything on her end, which frees up my time to focus on my own work!

Cynthia Levinson

Jenny has been responsive, creative, and cost-effective in her design work and in updating my website. I’ve recommended her to friends and fellow-writers. Everyone I know has been very pleased with her work, as I have been.

Larry Anderson

JM, you’re a real pro. My old tired webpage is now current with the times and so easy to use. This will be a big help for my small business.


I’m very pleased with my new website. Working with Jenny was a pleasure. She really understood the look and features I wanted and worked quickly and efficiently to get the site up. I will definitely recommend her to other authors.

Deborah Shea

Jenny was referred to me by a trusted friend and colleague, so I felt completely at ease entering into a contract with her. Until I found out that all communications took place via email. Gulp! But, after a few renditions, she nailed it. I couldn’t be happier with the end result and have had nothing but positive feedback from my network community. Jenny is quick, clear, professional and extremely responsive…and has a great design sense to boot. A 10/10 experience!!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you! You were able to balance design and functionality beautifully–I’m wowed everytime I look at my new website. You are still answering every question I throw at you–with a rather startling response time, and I have no doubt that you could handle anything I might throw at you. You were a definite find!

Kensley Lauren Greuter

Jenny Medford developed the website for my jewelry design company ( She was wonderful to work with, provided high quality work, and she was very affordable for my small business. I would highly recommend Websy Daisy.

Michelle Mattalino

Websy Daisy is beyond amazing. I hired Jenny for web design, consultation, content, web hosting, and the whole shebang. I have zero experience in the field of web design or internet marketing, which can be very difficult to communicate my needs or wants. Jenny was so patient, thorough, and understanding of my needs. Each need was met on time, on budget, and with a grace and inspiration that is unparalleled. I trust her immensely with my business voice and highly recommend her work.

I just wanted to let you know that as I refer people to my website for publicity purposes, everyone just loves what they see. The coordinator at Big Brothers/Big Sisters, where I’m hoping to do an appearance, told me he was “blown away.” In a world where we’re saturated by snazzy images and web images especially, I feel so grateful that mine stands out. So thank you again for putting your amazing design talent to work on my website. I feel so lucky that I found you!

Rebeca B. Kahn

I recently had the pleasure of having Jenny Medford of Websy Daisy redesign my web site. At first I was worried about working with someone who was only available for email correspondence. How can such a big project like a web site overhaul be done without actually speaking with the designer? My fears were put to rest immediately. Jenny is one of the most responsive people I have ever worked with! She replies to emails promptly – and does the work quickly and efficiently. Our web site looks AMAZING and I am so appreciative of all she did for us. Her very first design captured exactly what our company wanted to achieve and it was smooth sailing from there. Her rates were very reasonable. I can’t express how excited we are to have our new, beautiful web site and what an EASY process it was!

Kathie Sever

Jenny has consistently been able to translate my often ambiguous creative direction into snappy web design that never fails to come out much prettier than the picture i started out with in my head…. and she is able to accomplish this supafast and within the tight boundaries of a small business budget.

Melissa Gonzales

This is the best web site design company ever…I have dealt with a ridiculous number of designers and have never had such great service. Jenny is courteous, fast, fun to deal with and even better…reasonable on cost! She intuitively ‘got’ the image my company was trying to project and created a site that matched! We love love her work and heartily recommend her! Feel free to contact us for more info!

Jeremy Walther

Jenny is a true American hero.

Jenny was able to take a tangled web of concepts, images, and rambling thoughts and turn it into something functional and beautiful. Soon after the site was up, I was getting more compliments for the web site than for my own work. I fired her right away.

Amy Packard

Jenny is a skilled web designer. She was able to walk me through all the steps of the process necessary to ensure I had a fantastic and reliable website. Jenny is fast, responsive, and provides on-going support for my company’s website.