Websites for Pre-Published Authors

I create websites for everyone from aspiring, pre-published authors, all the way to authors with dozens or even hundreds of books!

Writers frequently ask me when they need a website. Do they need to wait until they have a book deal? Until they have a cover? Until the book is available to order?

Nobody is the boss of you! You should have a website when you want one. It is certainly not urgent that you have a website if you are not yet published, but it can be very helpful as something to send potential agents and editors. It shows that you are really doing this thing, and are already taking the steps to promote your future work!

I am also reminded of the saying “Dress for the job you want.” Present yourself as the author you are working so hard to be!

Below are some examples of sites I’ve built for writers who are in the early trenches of writing, or are querying agents, or are shopping books, or have jumped these hurdles (hurrah!) and have a book in the publishing pipeline, but it’s still too early to say much about it.

(Note, I am publishing this in July of 2023. These sites will evolve as their publishing status changes.)

Mary shares info about her current works in progress

Caroline teases with what she is currently working on, and shares about her writing process:  

Dahlia has made it to the publishing stage, but her book will be coming out in 2025, so for now we get a teaser:

Nicole also has a book coming out in 2025, and shares the Publisher’s Weekly announcement for her debut novel!

Getting a book from your brain to paper to agent to editor to bookshelves can be a long process, during which you might not have a lot of information to share on a website. BUT you can start setting the stage for the big things to come!

Get in touch if you are on your own publishing journey; we would love to be part of it!